Where to from here?

Lake Ballard WA

Which way now?

I am not sure how long I have been blogging but it goes back a few years. I am at a turning point with it and not sure which way to turn.

I still enjoy being part of the blogging ‘family’ but feel like I would like to tear mine up and start afresh. When I first started my blog I used to wear my heart on my sleeve and share my deepest thoughts. Even though I am doing that just now, I have grown less comfortable with it.

I have stopped taking new photos to add to my archives and find I am using the old ones over and over again when I do post a blog. It gets a bit boring!

Perhaps it reflects the major changes in my life since I started the blog. At the time I was working full-time in a fairly stressful job and had a busy life. I have been retired for eight years now and once again have a busy life but doing things that I love to do.

My involvement with the University of the Third Age has added a new dimension to my life. Tomorrow my ‘Let’s Talk Philosophy’ group starts. I thought there may be half a dozen people interested but I have twenty-five people enrolled and I am nervous but excited about getting started.

Getting back to the blogging ‘rock bottom’ – I am happy to hear ideas as to how to reignite my enthusiasm or change direction. I am sure I am not the first person to reach this point in my  blogging journey. All ideas are welcome!

15 thoughts on “Where to from here?

  1. To be honest, I’m a bit “bored” with my blog too . . . but I’m sitting on the fence until I decide whether to change course or head for port. ‘

    I don’t have any great insights for you, other than allowing life to “unfold” in its own way.

    • Yes I think you are right Nancy. When I started the blog it was to practise my writing as I had visions of writing lots of stories but that dream hasn’t transpired.

  2. You are a mind reader… where to from here?

    I’ve been uncomfortable with my blog for a while and I think it shows. I’ve always expected visitor (likes) numbers to grow and if I compare my stats to those of other long-time bloggers, I see stagnation. Well, to me it looks that way! I originally began blogging in 2011 – for two reasons

    1 – I was out of work and wanted a daily challenge
    2 – to promote my first novel – it was then available on a “share” site

    So, now I’m forced off work again, through disability – yet, I have to find a new meaning to my blogging.

    I have on occasion in the past wanted to stop but my good lady always says I should think of the disappointed folk who will come looking and not find the fresh post. So, I took on the mantra, if I don’t share a smile a day then I haven’t achieved anything for the day. But, is that happening? Am I sharing a smile a day?

    I also try and promote the short story collection… but I don’t want to be in people’s faces all the time. You and a few other blog buddies have read and appreciated the collection (I hope) – thanks!

    So… after saying all that… where do I go? All I can say, I enjoy visiting your blog so maybe you should take the odd new photo… even the roaring fire now that it’s winter… or share a succinct thought or two generated during the next set of “Let’s Talk Philosophy” sessions…

    I don’t know… I don’t have the answer(s)… but reading your post has allowed me to vocalise my thoughts! Thanks for that!

    Let’s keep going in some form or other… busy lives or not. I often say, at least my great-grandkids will have some proof of my existence… and they may just appreciate and laugh at our antics! 😉

  3. Thanks Vossey for your thoughtful response. I will do as you suggested and do a series on the Let’s Talk Philosophy and see how that goes. I need to brush the dust off my camera too! 🙂

    • I’ve read a few of the post thus far… and I’m enjoying them… and yes, get that camera dusted and back in use!!
      An unused camera is like a hidden chest of treasure… waiting to be discovered… the captured prizes within enriching our lives! 😉

      • Thanks Vossey. I took your and another bloggers advice to talk about the philosophy group. Camera is still a bit dusty though!

  4. I think your Let’s Talk Philosophy course will give you plenty to write about. I searched WordPress for Queensland bloggers and found you. I just wanted to see some blogs that aren’t so commercial, and esp not food and travel. So this was a nice discovery. Please continue 👍

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