Nietzsche continued …

Life experience has taught me that nothing of value comes easily. So I agree with Nietzsche on that one. He is a complex philosopher with many strands to his philosophy. In our U3A groups yesterday the majority felt their opinion of him has improved after considering Alain de Botton’s description of him and his life work. I wasn’t so sure!

The three things that stood out for me were:

  • His thorough advice on how to write a novel (over the top!)
  • His views on Christianity – he was strong (ruthless) in his opposition –  I wondered how his views would be received today
  • His ‘Slave Morality’ and ‘Master Morality’

On the third point we read an article written for Psychology Today that considered those views from the point of view of US politics (Democrats and Republicans) but I could see how they could reflect most left and right views of politics today. Here is a LINK for that article. It made for good and lively discussion.

Nietzsche Quote 1

4 thoughts on “Nietzsche continued …

  1. Mmmmm…
    I’ve been reading your philosophy posts with interest, reserving my main thought until now. Blame Mr Nietzsche for forcing my hand, seeing as he had strong views on Christianity. Here’s my take…
    Each philosopher is only human… like every other human they have ideas and share their thoughts with others… much like so many man-made religions, only human interpretation.

    I go by a simple philosophy… “Faith heals, religion kills!”

    Thus, the longer we allow these man-made thoughts and ideas to shape our own personal views the longer we will wonder about the value of it all.
    If, however, we ground our core beliefs in Faith, we stand a much better chance in understanding life a little better.
    Religion, may it be the religion of money, greed, philosophy, atheism… or the major religions causing conflict all around the world will continue to divide people, on a local or larger scale, it will never bring unity.
    Thanks Mr Nietzsche for stirring the debate… after all, we’re all entitled to an opinion…

  2. What is faith then, if not religion? I have faith in mankind’s ability but no faith in any religion nor belief in any religion. Is that what you mean?

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