Month: September 2018

Young means young, not wonderful

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A great post/poem by blogger friend, Rachel McAlpine from New Zealand (currently in Seoul). Write Into Life C’mon. Who are you kidding? “Young” is a lexical error, desperate denial, and a sign of ageism. Say these two lovers are eighty-two. They may have many qualities of youth they may be elastic, enthusiastic they may be childlike, childish, curious, wildish trusty, busty, lusty, gusty brainy, zany, frantic, romantic yearning, burning, learning, earning they may be healthy […]

When is it tomorrow?

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I am into Week 2 of my course on Practical Philosophy Online I loved the Story of the Week so thought I would share it with you. The author is unknown. One day Arnav and his friend Bhima were having a friendly chat while walking just outside the marketplace in Dhubri. A beggar asked for some help from Arnav, who told him to ask him tomorrow. The beggar went away. Looking around Bhima saw a […]

On ‘Women in Love’

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While recently reading Women in Love by DH Lawrence I was reminded of a quote by French philosopher Michel de Montaigne: “I am not prepared to bash my brains for anything, not even for learning’s sake however precious it may be. From books all I seek is to give myself pleasure by an honourable pastime… If I come across difficult passages in my reading I never bite my nails over them: after making a charge […]

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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This time last week we arrived in Perth after our week’s holiday in Darwin. We had a really good and relaxing time. Great to see my son and grandsons as well. The weather was fabulous – around 30-35 degrees. It was so good to be warm! Below are some photos from Darwin Museum and Art Gallery, The Botanic Gardens and Darwin Wharf. We also went to Bachelor (about 105km south of Darwin). In the 1950’s […]