An Orange

I sometimes find that depression sneaks up on me. I have lots of strategies for working around it (diet, exercise, pills, positive psychology etc) but sometimes it wins. Today was one of those days.

I caught myself being grumpy when reaching for my ‘after-dinner’ orange that I have everyday that we have oranges in the house. I looked at the orange and thought how nice it looked. I remembered living in a remote community in the Northern Territory of Australia and we had no access to fresh fruit at the time. That was when I realised that oranges are my favourite fruit. We had to order food about six weeks in advance and the grocery order came by barge from Northern Queensland (quite a distance away). 

I held the orange in my hand, smelled it, felt the texture and felt very grateful for it. I then proceeded to eat it while savouring the taste! It didn’t cure my depression but it was a circuit breaker letting some light in!

13 thoughts on “An Orange

  1. It is the small pleasures we focus our attention on. Give no heed to the other stuff and it will fade away. Easier said than done but while your attention is focused on the positive, you’re enjoying that moment. I’m hoping you find many more pleasurable moments and fewer dark days Lorraine.

  2. Depression can arrive even when we use all the tools in the toolbox. I love that you kept going anyway and dug deep to exercise gratitude through a memory. Well done. This isn’t easy.

    • Thank you so much for leaving that question/comment. I went looking for information about her. I have bought one of her books and just listened to an hour of her videos. I am very grateful for you taking the time to point me in her direction. xx

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