Philosophy 2019

Next week I will be starting the Let’s Talk Philosophy course for our local University of the Third Age.

This year we will be using the book “50 Philosophy Classics” by Tom Butler Brown. We hope to cover just ten philosophers between now and June. It will really be an introduction to each of the chosen philosophers and we will enjoy some stimulating conversation and hopefully a few laughs!

I usually include a quote by a philosopher as a basis for discussion. Our first one is Aristotle and the quote is:

Aristotle 384BC – 322BC

Do you have any thoughts on the quote? I would love to hear them!

7 thoughts on “Philosophy 2019

  1. A whole lot of “right” conditions required to be angry in a positive way!
    There’s another saying somewhere about anger only hurting the person who is angry!
    Have fun with this year’s classes… I’m sure there will be many merry moments! 😉

    • I like the idea of not encountering anger in my life. Sometimes we can’t avoid other peoples’ anger though. If we are just observing we don’t have to get hooked into it.

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