Rene Descartes continued

We had two interesting discussions on Thursday based on information on Descartes in Tom Butler-Dowdon’s book, 50 Philosophy Classics. I also provided some handouts based on my research mostly on the internet. This morning’s group found Descartes famous ‘I think, therefore I am’ difficult to grasp. Also the idea that Descartes could discard all existing knowledge and experience and start again in judging what he believed to be true. Is it really possible to imagine that all your past ideas and experiences can be erased to the point that the only thing one can know is that they are a ‘thinking thing’.

Descartes goes on to to say:

“And the whole force of the arguments I have used here to prove the existence of God consists in this, that I recognise that it would not be possible for my nature to be as it is, that is to say, that I should have in me the idea of a God, if God did not really exist.”

We discussed that people throughout time and in different cultures throughout the world independently believe in some form of higher power. But does that really prove that God exists? It doesn’t disprove it either!

The afternoon group suggested that Descartes’ attention to God in his writing was more pragmatic due to the time (early 1600’s) in France. Many of his ideas in maths and science, astronomy could have been seen as heresy if he didn’t publicly pay homage to a belief in God. Galileo suffered being called a heretic for his advances in scientific knowledge so Descartes, as a witness to this, withdrew some of his writings (The Book of the World).

Primarily our group is about having a stimulating discussion and keeping our brains active. The participants know that I am not a philosophy academic and hopefully that enables them to think and to express valid views on the topics raised in the book. And we can get to know each other and start to build some social networks in our community.

10 thoughts on “Rene Descartes continued

  1. Through direct personal experience, we can come to know/ sense a higher power . . . something beyond ourselves . . . that’s also within us . . . a part of the whole.

    But it’s somewhat impossible to PROVE the existence of that power to others unless they are willing to rely on hearsay.

  2. Building networks is important – based on the concept that we are all necessary, independent of our individual beliefs. I don’t want to use the word equal, because can we ever all be equal? Maybe not… but, we are all necessary to the group, each in our own way!
    You are doing a great job… because as you say, you’re getting folk to question, to ask, to exercise that all important organ – the brain!
    Here’s a thought about God… He, in His wisdom gave each human a conscience… that, we should know right from wrong. It’s when people sear their conscience that the trouble starts!

  3. I called around for a vist again today… and my eye fell on this image…

    That looked good… cool actually! I think it’s time I changed my gravatar…
    Thanks for your continued support!
    PS – I see the Notre-Dame image too… I mentioned something about that in today’s post!

    • Some of them are hard work! Simone de Beauvoir was really interested and created a lot of discussion in our mixed group. Thanks for visiting :)!

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