Day 1 – Creativity Challenge

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Today my challenge will be to write a short post about the following topic:

“What is the best lesson you have learned?”

When I was in my early 30’s my marriage broke up and I found myself in a situation where I had few possessions (including money) and three young children to take care of. I was also living in a remote Aboriginal Community in Northern Australia.

The lesson I learned is that I am stronger than I think I am. Sometimes I just pretended that I was strong and often that was enough. I also learnt that I was the only person I could rely on to get through the difficult time.

When I rang my Mum to tell her what happened she said that I shouldn’t even think about coming home. I was quite shocked at the time but now I realise that the path I did choose turned out to have a lot more going for it than if I had returned to my home town in Victoria.

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That was about forty years ago. My sons grew up with me in Western Australia. We did miss (still do) having extended family close by but it forced me to go out and meet people and in many ways enabled me to rebuild my life without the constraints and limitations I would have faced if I had returned ‘home’.

As I get older I see many people on their own – having lost their partners and perhaps their extended families. I do feel passionately that we need to be aware that some people suffer from loneliness and isolation. This is even more so with Christmas approaching. I find Christmas a bit challenging however I try to make the most of it and put in a little effort! I don’t think I am alone in this!

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Creativity Challenge

  1. OK… this is a bit of a shock! Sorry… somehow I missed that you’re starting the challenge today! I had the picture in my mind that pointed toward early next year! I want to take part but I’m sort of set in my ways this time of the year. I always do year-end summaries, usually five posts between Christmas and New Year… so… that would mess with my planning! I usually also do specific Christmas posts… ah well.

    So… here’s a thing… just today I went down to the beach to do something I’ve wanted to for quite a while. A steak challenge – to post on my YouTube channel. Basically, I saw a fellow do that on his channel… one challenging the next and so on. OK… me and YouTube are quite new to each other but it has given me another outlet… creative outlet!
    The basic idea behind the challenge is to get outdoors, build a wee fire… throw a bit of meat on the coals and talk about mental health. I think (and I may be wrong) it began to get men talking! You know, my kind don’t really think it’s good to talk. πŸ˜‰
    So… today was an absolutely fantastic day, weather wise! The lull between the storms!
    There I was, in a fantastic location, talking about the things (and others) that you have just spoken about! I hear you… I understand where you’re coming from! I fully endorse (if that’s the right word…) your willingness to talk about the lessons from the past… and sharing is daring… not only daring yourself to talk and create… but daring others to do the same!!
    OK… I’ll let you know when I’ve loaded the clip… quite a bit of editing to be done.
    I will most likely start my 30 day creative challenge early next month? I hope it works to fit in with the overall scheme of what you had planned!
    I want to share something that I jotted down a few days ago… this made it into the planned video… please pardon the terrible spelling… yes, the lisdexia and lack of attention to detail gets to me sometimes… but hey, it’s part of the learning process! 😁😁

    I hope the link works…

    • Hi Vossey! I think that is the longest comment for 2019! Sorry to surprise you with the start time. It is good to get your feedback as I think I perhaps didn’t communicate (or gave too much info) and so I can learn from that. I will look at this challenge as a practice run! I like the sound of your trip to the beach and will look out for the Youtube clip! I enjoyed your lessons for life too – a lot of wisdom there!

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