Day 5 Creativity : Writing

My youngest son just graduated at the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science in Botany with Honours! It was really hot today and around one thousand graduates plus friends and family crowded into the beautiful Winthrop Hall.

It was amazing to see so many young people in their regalia and to imagine the impact they will have on their communities in the years ahead. It was also heartwarming to see the vast diversity in cultures among the graduates. Many will go back to their home countries and find a place where they can share their newly acquired knowledge.

University isn’t for everyone! Where would we be without the skills of trades men and women and others who work their way up in their jobs over time?

We can all use our skills – whatever we are good at, and make a difference to our world. It doesn’t have to be in paid employment. Parents and carers, volunteers etc all add to the quality of our environment.

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