Day 8 – Creativity

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A Visit to the Dentist

I was overdue a visit to the dentist.

I saw a new one not far from home.

I liked the decor as it looked a bit like this:

I was the only patient to their three staff.

I was ushered into the room where it all happens.

The dentist said he would see if he could find anything exciting (his words).

When he didn’t see anything exciting he suggested X-Rays may show up something exciting.

Yes, I needed a filling.

But first the disclaimer – he said “they don’t always work, you know”.

I am starting to wonder what I have walked into here – is he for real?

Next the drilling starts.

The dental nurse is in training – he tells her what to do in minute detail.

For example, “avoid the patient’s line of sight when passing the tools as they may get frightened”.

Next time I go I hope to find out what a spoon excavator is and what is the green matrix?

To finish off he extracted a large sum from my credit card and wished me Happy Christmas!

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