Day 9 Creativity Challenge

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Topic for today is “What is Creativity”

I am exploring creativity from all different angles. It is not limited to arts and crafts as some people assume. It can be about using photography to create beautiful or haunting images; creating music or writing the lyrics for songs that may never be sung; it could be graphic design; home decor; it could be writing stories or poetry or it could be a whole lot of other things.

My basic understanding is when we are involved in the creative process we bring something into being that previously only existed as a tiny idea in our minds. We incubate the idea for a while until is starts to take shape. That might be hours, days or even years. Then we plant the seed and feed it until it grows into fruition as something beautiful.

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The reason I am interested in exploring creativity is that I see myself and others get stuck! We come up with ideas and dabble with them for a little while and then let them go before there is a chance for them to take off. Have you ever started a project enthusiastically only to not follow through with it? There are 101 reasons we use to explain why!

Sometimes the reason this happens is we lose confidence and feel that our effort is ‘not good enough’. Sometimes we are not prepared to put the work in. I used to think that creativity would be a purely joyful experience but I have since learned that it can require effort, perseverance and planning.

I read somewhere that “The creative adult is the child who survived.” It resonated with me. There is something about being creative that is child like. It enables us to escape from being adults for a while and get in touch with our inner selves. Well, that is how I see it.

What does creativity mean to you? Please share ….

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