Day 14 Creativity Challenge

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Today’s task – write a response to the two questions below?

1. What is your favourite childhood memory?

My mother worked shift-work as a nurse at the local hospital. This meant that often she was at work by the time I got out of school. Unless of course she had a day off during the week. Sometimes she would walk towards my school and meet me half-way and we would walk home together companionably. One day I remember we went to Goulding’s Cafe (it was a very cool place to be and they had a Juke Box). We ordered milk-shakes and I selected the songs for us to listen to. It was a simple outing but as an adult, I can appreciate that she was trying to reach out to me as a teenager – and that was no easy task!

Mum at about 60 years of age.

2. Where do you want to be in five years time?

In five years time I will be seventy! I really only feel about forty five! I would like to achieve the following:

  • keep my husband happy!
  • maintain good physical and mental health and keep going to the gym
  • maintain meaningful friendships and have good relationships with all my family
  • play a constructive role in the community I live in
  • learn how to deal positively to all the challenges that ageing brings
  • keep learning and growing in knowledge and wisdom
  • express myself creatively in some medium.

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