Day 16 Creativity Challenge

For info about my Challenge click HERE

Topic: Christmas (gratitude)

  • C is for Children – three sons who grew into men that I am proud of and two amazing grandsons
  • H is for the good Health that I give thanks for each day
  • R is for Reading – such a great way to escape and have adventures without leaving home
  • I is for Ideas and Inspiration to make life interesting and add sparkle to my days
  • S is for a Sense of humour to remind me to ‘lighten up’
  • T is for Tom who I am grateful to share my life with
  • M is for Moments to be cherished with family and friends
  • A is for Attitude that I get to choose (hopefully wisely) each day
  • S is for the Serenity that comes with knowing what I can change and what I can’t!
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Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas or Holiday time. Stay safe and enjoy the moments!

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