Day 23 Creativity Challenge

I thought that tonight I would share a little about how I am finding challenging myself every day to do something creative.

Some days it has been easy and I see creative opportunities all around me. Other days I am questioning the purpose of the task. I just really want to be more creative and to understand creativity more that I currently do.

I also realise that we have different areas of creativity that we feel more comfortable with. In the past my writing was the area I felt most at ease. Not so today – I rely a lot more on photos telling the stories these days.

The other insight is learning I need to put in some effort if I want to get good results and yet I am wanting to have fun! That is the end result.

It is New Year’s Eve with only 3+ hours until we (here in West Australia at least) move into a new decade. I wonder what it will hold for us all. My best wishes to you for good health and happiness for 2020!

Photo by Designecologist on

9 thoughts on “Day 23 Creativity Challenge

  1. Creativity brings contentment – and contentment leads to more fun!!
    Keep at it Rainee… you’re enjoying yourself and your giving others pleasure!
    Happy 2020 to you all Down Under! May 2020 bring more opportunities and the challenges bring mor joy!
    Thanks for your inspiration and also your continued support! What’s that old Irish proverb… about all the roads being downhill and the wind (and sun) at your back? Yes… that one!
    Have fun… be good! πŸ‘πŸ₯‚πŸ˜

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