Day 25 Creativity Challenge

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Today’s writing prompt: What would you take with you if you had to evacuate your home in an emergency?

If you have seen the news this past week you probably heard about the horrendous bush fires burning throughout Australia as we face record heat waves and drought conditions. Many homes have been lost and sadly, some lives as well.

I have seen many people on television saying they didn’t have time to grab anything apart from what they were wearing at the time. Ironically I have some friends who were in Queensland last year (Townsville) and they lost nearly everything in the floods. They had only what they could fit in their car.

So what to grab in an emergency? Photos are often mentioned but today most photos are stored electronically. I have scanned most of my older photos with the originals taking up several boxes. So I guess the sensible thing would be to grab the computer, laptop, external drive or iPad.

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It is hard to replace legal documents so I would grab my file with my passport, birth and marriage certificates, insurance policies, wills etc. I also have a file of children’s drawings, news clippings about my sons and grandsons. They are precious and irreplaceable.

I am told the hardest part of losing everything is that the sense of loss goes on for some time. My friends from Townsville said they would go to get something mundane and then realise they no longer have it. This would happen time and time again reminding them of their losses.

I would like to think that I would be grateful to get to safety with our lives intact. After all, most other ‘things’ can be replaced in time. I have a bundle of letters that my Mum wrote to me over a period of a few years. I started a blog (not public at this stage) recording those letters as she was the hub of the family and kept me in touch with what everyone else was up to. I wouldn’t want to lose those.

Some treasures!

I sincerely hope I don’t have to face such a situation but thinking about it makes me consider how so many people are dealing with this right now and their futures are uncertain with no homes to go back to. I only hope they are resilient enough to start afresh.

3 thoughts on “Day 25 Creativity Challenge

  1. The fires in Australia are horrible. Comparable to California, or worse. Since everything, including important records, are digitized I would grab my stack of back up drives first. I hope this never has to happen.

  2. I had a fire in our business premises and lost some personal items. It was very traumatic recovering from the fire and the losses.
    The fires in Australia have been horrendous, and not much leadership shown unfortunately. .

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