Day 27 Creativity Challenge

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Topic – WordPress Themes

I do quite like the theme I have for my blog – Hemingway Rewritten. I haven’t always used this theme and used to change themes periodically for a fresh look.

Recently I have noticed that my blog doesn’t show up well on iPads and iPhones and started thinking about upgrading. Tonight I have been exploring all the different themes that are available if I upgrade my account to Premium. I decided to upgrade but now am a bit nervous about making the change. I have over 9 years of blog posts and photos here and I am not sure if the changeover will go smoothly!

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Some people plan for weeks and in great detail before making such a leap. I am more inclined to press GO and then sort things out afterwards. What is the better option? Well I decided to have a cooling off by writing tonight’s post before making any major changes. How does this relate to creativity? Is creativity impulsive and risk taking or is it more considered and careful; or is it a bit of both?

The themes I am considering include Rosalie, Finder or Huntt. Perhaps I should sleep on it and make the change in the morning! You may not recognise me next you check out my blog!

6 thoughts on “Day 27 Creativity Challenge

  1. I switched over to Premium years ago and it went without a hitch. Now I’m playing with going to Business because of the storage space. I’ve pretty much used all mine on photos. I’ve been deleting photos but I know that some of my older posts will be missing some pictures and I’m not too keen on doing that for much longer.

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  3. Looks good… it went seamless, I promise you!
    The familiar feel of your blog is still here – I did notice the strong background tone but you had to tell me you changed your theme before I copped on! 😉

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