Building a Creative Space

I am up to Unit 6 in the Unleashing Your Creative Spirit course I am doing through U3Aonline. It was this course that inspired me to take on the 30 Day Creativity Challenge which was great fun!

The course material says:

Having a dedicated space for your creative outlet has many benefits…Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with the tools and resources you require.

Unleashing Your Creative Spirit, U3A online

There were multiple suggestions so I will include a sample:

  • computer with web page building and graphics programs
  • notice board for ideas and to-do lists plus photos and cards from loved ones
  • calendar, diary
  • sticky notes in lots of different colours
  • paint brushes, charcoal, coloured pencils, markers
  • writing ideas notebook
  • coloured paper clips and staples
  • hole punch, containers and magazines holders to help organise things
  • small drawers to hold craft and stationery items
  • folders and sheet protectors

Have I missed anything important? What would your creative space look like?

9 thoughts on “Building a Creative Space

  1. Sounds complicated…… multi colour sticker notes. I forgot who actually said it but it was someone who was high on the creative scale. They said something like this…. real creativity comes out of chaos! The ability to see and create ‘something’ out of nothing. When I used to write Marketing and Sales messages/training courses and certainly before leading big meetings and conferences, I found a walk alone in the outdoors was the best place to formulated the thoughts rehearse the words and organise the process. Just a thought 🙂

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