What is blogging about for me?

I started this blog about ten years ago with the idea it would be an avenue for me to write regularly. At times I DO write regularly however it often has quiet spells where I have nothing to much to say. Do you ever get asked “What is blogging anyway?” I try to answer it but I can’t find adequate words to describe the experience.

Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

Last year I was leading a philosophy discussion group so I often felt inclined to share snippets on my blog. This year I am leading a group looking into creativity so that’s why a lot of my recent posts are on that topic.

There I so many people I have “met” through blogging that have become a valued part of my everyday life. I look forward to reading their posts and admiring their photos and stories.

When I first started posting I was very open and shared a lot of personal ideas, feelings and experiences. Today I am a little less adventurous. I have been “found” online by various people who know me personally so it is not anonymous. The world is a small place and I need to be considerate and not write stuff that may hurt or malign anyone (unless of course they are politicians!)

So where does that leave me if I want to share my innermost thoughts and feelings? Perhaps I could disguise them as fiction or go back to an old fashioned journal. I do have an online journal that is confidential and a good space to debrief. However I do like the feedback a blog provides when someone reads and likes a post and understands what I am on about.

What do you say when someone asks you what a blog is? I would love to be able to provide a quick and easy response to that question!

17 thoughts on “What is blogging about for me?

  1. I started blogging accidentally, one of my online classmate started one, and I became interested. I too had no idea what to write, then one of my classmates from the online course, said, ” Ranu translate Tagore’s poems, it would help us understand his poems, which sound great and we would enjoy them more if we know the meaning of the words.”
    One thing I noticed you wrote about politicians. Like you I dislike them, so much that I chose to study Economics instead of Political Science. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ranu. Yes, blogging is a bit like that, isn’t it? And yes, I get very tired of those in politics as you correctly noticed πŸ™‚ Thanks again for commenting!

  2. I started blogging as a way to keep in touch and share photos with family and friends, when we moved to Australia five years ago. However, I have lost enthusiasm in recent months and am trying to decide on my social media presence, if and how I want to continue blogging. Work in progress…..

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Ruth. I remember when you first started sharing about your move to Australia. Can’t believe five years have gone by! My hubby celebrates 47 years in Oz on Friday. πŸ˜ŒπŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰

  4. I love the part you wrote about not caring if you hurt a politician 🀣
    A good question you ask about blogging. It is a canvas or a screen where you give words/shapes to ideas, pretty much like publishing

  5. Here’s part of the tagline of my blog…
    … an open diary of a Saffer in a different land… life in the greater Dublin & Leinster area. (Blogging since 2011) My quests fuel my dreams… my dreams fuel my quests.

    I have often said that my blog can act as a social register… maybe my great-grand-children will want to look back at the distant past.
    So… it can act as that but it can simply be a place of friendship. However, I get the feeling life and the fast development of social media communication methods is beginning to leave blogging behind. Just my feeling but will we still be blogging as furiously in ten years time?

    • I think blogs ebb and flow a bit. I am a lot more interested in mine since I started looking more deeply into creativity. I just found out today that the venue for the U3A Course I am to run has withdrawn its availability due to the nasty virus! I have just signed up for a Creative Writing Course with the Australian Writers Centre so we will see if that prompts me to blog more often!

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