What does it mean to be a writer?

I haven’t really thought about this question until now. On completing a five week course in Creative Writing today I am almost ready to hang up my pen! I didn’t research the course in great depth as I just thought it would be great to do during this time of home isolation. In fact the course was geared very much toward writing fiction novels and the development of character, scenes, point of view, momentum etc.

I found that the only way I could develop a character was to base it on the character I know best – ME! That got me thinking and I quickly realised I am not in the least bit interested in writing fiction. I have often thought of the possibility of writing a memoir but I am not even sure about that now.

I have had this idea of “writing” in the background (the name of my blog for example!!!) for many years but maybe it is time to take a different path. After all, why do people write memoirs? Is it to reassure themselves their lives had some meaning and purpose? Or is it to reconcile life’s experience and to find peace at its conclusion?

Maybe it is the COVID 19 affect that is perhaps making me stop and think about where I am headed and to look at possible alternatives for the future. that can’t be a bad thing.

9 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a writer?

  1. I think it is very telling that after taking a five week course on writing you have your doubts about writing. To me, that could mean one of two things: either it was a lousy course or you’re not a writer. Except, I read your writing and you write really well. So I would be inclined to say that it was a lousy course. The way to learn to write is to read a lot and write a lot. What do you write about? Anything you want to. So, you could write about your photography. I might suggest writing about the course, to get it out of your system. Just a suggestion. But my advice is to keep on writing, because you can write.

  2. Keep on writing….but write about what makes your life tick, what makes you laugh, what you enjoy doing, where you go and what you do….. Like everything in life it has to be fun. πŸ™‚

  3. Rubbish course, Rainee. I wouldn’t be discouraged, just write and blog about what brings you joy. I’ve said it before the idea of being published is far more attractive, to me, than actually sitting down and writing a book.

  4. I also once enrolled to do an online “creative writing” course. I got a glowing review for my first assignment and got slated for my “creativity” in the next assignment. I realised the “tutor” was trying to clone herself into me… and didn’t like that I challenged her wisdom. So… I decided I can find my own path… and also, I have never thought of myself as a writer… but, rather as a storyteller! Maybe you should do likewise… you tell great stories! 😁😁

  5. Please don’t stop based on a “writing” course. The answers aren’t there, nor can they be found or taught by anyone else. My first novel started out as memoir. It has to be turned into a novel and was. It’s creation was “inevitable” for me for a million reasons. It’s a complete edited and published book on Amazon now. But, the life of the book and the creation itself, are never really done.

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement – much appreciated. I think I am just ‘in a mood’ about writing for the moment. It will pass. I have lots of stories I would like to share but I think my blog will be the means to do it. Thanks again for visiting :)!

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