Uncertain Times

Our World has faced an unprecedented time these last few months due to Covid19. Each country has been impacted differently and has responded in its own way. Only history will help us see what we could have done better and what were our good decisions.

My life hasn’t changed enormously but there have been some changes in the daily routines. We have missed the luxury of being able to go to the gym. I had been going regularly for about 18 months and found it to be really good for my mental health and well-being. I also feel a bit fitter too!

The retirement community where I live has been very quiet with very few guests passing through. The lock-down has created a feeling of solidarity among residents and greater desire to say hello and chat when the opportunity arises.

Now there is talking about relaxing restrictions. In many ways we do want that to happen, but not too quickly – for safety sake but also I have come to like the SLOW life and not sure I can pick up the fast pace again.

Anyway, I shall take each day as it comes and enjoy what it has to offer!

Photo by Sophie Xiang on Facebook

7 thoughts on “Uncertain Times

  1. We find talk of relaxing the restrictions far to premature. Yep, we would like the freedom to go anywhere anytime but also recognize that travel and life may not be as we used to know it. Like you we have also adapted to a slower way of everyday life… 😊

  2. I agree, there is something wonderful about the new slower pace of life. Being able to appreciate the beauty of nature, being able to hear the birds sing without the rumble of car engines and so many fumes, being able to focus on one thing at a time, being able to walk instead of run, being able to listen to your own body clock instead of the alarm clock, being able to think about the things that really matter. Let’s hope we can take the positives from these uncertain and difficult times to live a happier and more relaxed pace of life.

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