Stop rowing the boat!

I have been thinking about persistence, perseverance, resilience and the like. All good things, I am sure you would agree.

Do you remember the Olympics a few years back when one of the rowers actually stopped rowing and caused her team to lose the race? She received lots of negative publicity. My question is, is it ever okay to say ‘I can’t give anymore energy to this’ ?

Today I was pulling out some weeds in the garden and decided I would be happy to get the job half done. But then I thought I would do some more but couldn’t quite complete the job. Of course, I could have kept going but I chose not to. It wasn’t that important to me and the weeds will still be there tomorrow.

But what about more important issues such as a work situation or a big challenge you have taken on? Is it weak to quit? Or is it healthy to know when enough is enough? When I have experienced periods of depression in the past it is usually my first inclination to want to quit doing just about everything. In a case like this, is it weakness to give in to the urge to quit?

What I find challenging about this topic is that in the past I thought it was okay to quit but now I wonder if I could’ve been tougher! I know there are many layers to the questions I have asked and there are many strategies to consider but the main issue for me is to not rush into quitting too quickly as I may find I can actually achieve what I want if I stick to it for just a little bit longer!

9 thoughts on “Stop rowing the boat!

  1. I’m not sure it would be relevant to you but I have found Nir Eyal’s MEA to be quite helpful. This is particularly so with practical activities that aren’t exactly fun, like cleaning the house and exercising regularly. I go easy on myself and set the bar low; once I’m in the thick of it, I end up sticking with it a bit longer. Gradually, my endurance builds up.

  2. Excellent thoughts to ponder, Rainee.

    Good thoughts to ponder. From a post I wrote back in 2011:

    Perseverance is good . . . provided that we are headed in the right directionOf course, sometimes the opposition we face is the Universe’s way of saying, “Turn Around. You’re on the WRONG road.”

    “It doesn’t really matter how fast you’re going if you’re heading in the wrong direction.” ~ Stephen Covey

    How do you know whether to “keep on keeping on”?
    Look deep.
    The answers lie within.

  3. No Rainee, it is not weak to quit! There are times it is the only thing to do, just surrender and let things go because this too shall pass. Be kind to your beautiful self. Thinking of you and always up for a chinwag if you need a sounding board. Hugs Linda xx

  4. I’ve learned that it’s not weak, great time management it’s about having enough time for what matters most to you. It’s not about being perfect and getting everything on your list done. I don’t know a list that can’t be cut back. Nice post!

  5. Many layers, as you say!
    I’m in all sorts of mental struggle about this very topic – well, let’s not quite get as dramatic as saying struggle. Let’s just call it inner debate. I’m of a mood to stop rowing the social media boat – even the blogging boat! However, the Saffer Worldwide platform also takes up virtual time. I don’t want to can it just yet – but how, oh how, do I decide which weeds to pull and which to leave? (I have a theory about weeds – some are useful… some are not – so, I call weeds “competition” plants – they compete with other, lesser cousins – the strongest tend to survive…)
    Are we in the same boat? Should we row… or maybe simply drop the oars in the water?
    I wish you strength – to help you make the correct decisions… because I know you’ll do the same for me – so… united we stand!
    The age old question… to row, or not to row… to weed or not to weed!? 🤔😁

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