What or where is home?

This topic is a recurring theme in my thoughts recently. I wonder if it is because COVID restrictions mean I cannot visit my extended family and the place where I grew up (about 3500km away)? I don’t know.

I lived in Western Australia for 38 years and only lived in my home state of Victoria for 28 years. Even though WA is enormous, I have lived in many regions and many towns whereas my knowledge of Victoria is limited to Melbourne and the country area of my youth. However, I could go back ‘home’ tomorrow and see people in the street who would say ‘hello’ like I have never been away (it IS a small town).

So is ‘home’ more of a state of mind? For now I think I will count my blessings for my current situation and think about it another day!

Click HERE to visit my childhood home or click HERE for where I live today!

So what are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “What or where is home?

  1. I liked seeing your previous homes Rainee. Being at home all these months has given much time for reflection on the idea of home. I will think more on it.

  2. I’ve lived lots of places . . . home used to be where I grew up and my parents lived. They’re no longer there, that house has sold, so that no longer feels like home.

    So I guess HOME is HERE.

    Or maybe HOME is my BFF:

    When home is a person, you feel secure and safe, no matter where in the world you are. … Home is the feeling you get when they wrap you up in their arms and you know that you are taken care of. When home is a person, you feel homesick when you are apart.

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