Should I or shouldn’t I?

I am not sure why but I have pretty much been missing in action on my blog these past few months. Today I was seriously considering deleting it (and the half dozen others that I have started and not continued with). I thought that before I do anything drastic I should give it some more thought and see if others have done the same and then regretted it. So, if you have been down this track and have some feedback I would love to hear it!

My previous post was about taking part in a forty week therapy process. I am more than halfway through these sessions and it has been a fascinating (and sometimes daunting) process. Maybe the fact that I have someone listen to me talk for one hour a week has taken away my need to share my thoughts and feelings on my blog. Maybe I am ready for a fresh start with a new blog and a new name!

Sorry this is so much all about ME! I thought I would take the opportunity to include a few photos of my succulents.

3 thoughts on “Should I or shouldn’t I?

  1. Hi Rainee. I think it’s natural for our interest and enjoyment in blogging to ebb and flow, especially in these crazy covid times. I stopped blogging for over a year and have recently started again. I’m not sure what direction my posts will take once I’ve written a few more explaining my absence. I still enjoy sharing photos so need to search for new challenges and bloggers to follow, to get new energy. Be happy with whatever choice you make.

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