Day 2 of 30 Days of Creativity

For today I will write in response to the writing prompt “What is something that made you happy this week?”

I walk a dog named Roy every Thursday morning at 9am. Roy is a cross between a labrador and a golden retriever and he is ten years old. I got involved through a local not-for-profit group called POOPS (Pets Of Older Persons). It was set up to enable elderly people to keep their dogs with them even when they are no longer able to take them out for walks.

At first I could walk faster than Roy but now he is more energetic than me. He lives close to the beach so we head there when we leave home. Once at the beach I let him off the lead and he loves to run and have a dip in the water.

His nose is continually busy sniffing things that I can’t see – I do wonder what he is thinking when he is concentrating so intensely! He does have a strong idea of where he wants to go and lets me know by refusing to move or just sitting down. Sometimes I have to let him know who is boss!

What made me smile last week was when we returned from the walk and rather than run into his yard without looking back, he walked a little way and then turned and waited as if to say, “Aren’t you coming too?”

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