Day 7 of 30 days of Creativity

Today I will respond to this writing prompt: “What do you do when you find yourself stuck?”

I have many strategies for becoming unstuck. Here are some of the ideas that I apply:

  • I write in my journal and usually it becomes clearer as to why I am stuck on what I am stuck on!
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  • I reflect on the thoughts I had prior to becoming stuck – were they negative or self-critical?
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  • I might do a mind-map where I just randomly write down all the things that are happening in my life right now. I will try to go to the next level and see what is the most important or most stressful.
  • After identifying any issues in the mind map I may do another sheet where I check whether the issues are really as important as first thought. I may come up with action points or clarifications.
  • I try to change my location from one room to another or to go outside. Perhaps I will do something in the garden for a while.
  • Sometimes I will get out the recipe book and find something interesting to cook.
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  • I check out my “to do” list and see if there is something small that I can tackle.
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  • I have some adult colouring-in books and these can be quite relaxing and help to free up my addled brain a little.

5 thoughts on “Day 7 of 30 days of Creativity

  1. Going out for a walk has always been my mode. In the days when I had to address large meetings, I used to (not rehearse as such) run through in my mind what I was going to say whilst walking, picturing the audience and venue. Then if happy with the general gist, I would make a few notes when I got back to base.

  2. I like your way of getting unstuck. My approach is slightly different. Sometimes my mind forgets certain words, I get help from my mother tongue, I translate it into English and voila the stuck words instantly become unstuck. 🙂

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