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Finding Balance & Creativity

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Balance / Books / creativity

I have two elements in mind with this post: psychological and physical. One of the things that has scares me a bit about creativity is getting caught up in it! I remember as a teenager making my own clothes. I would get so carried away I could not stop until I finished the job! Sound familiar to anyone? I think it is being “in the flow” where nothing else matters except what is in front […]

Creative Enhancement

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creativity enhancement

A little book called “A Year of Creativity” by Brenda Mallon (Andrews McMeel Publishing) sits on my desk. A friend has lent it to me for ideas for the course I will be leading this term. It is rich with ideas and suggestions to explore. It is divided into twelve chapters and I thought I would share Chapter 5 (or Month 5 as the book calls it) titled Creative Enhancement. There is a little questionnaire […]

Building a Creative Space

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I am up to Unit 6 in the Unleashing Your Creative Spirit course I am doing through U3Aonline. It was this course that inspired me to take on the 30 Day Creativity Challenge which was great fun! The course material says: Having a dedicated space for your creative outlet has many benefits…Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with the tools and resources you require. Unleashing Your Creative Spirit, U3A online There were multiple suggestions […]

Day 30 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge

For more info on the Challenge click HERE Today’s topic is writing fiction I first met Brian when I was about ten years old. There was a knock at the door and I raced to be the first to open it. When I saw him I drew back – he was a stranger and I was shy all of a sudden. He asked to see my mum. She didn’t invite him in but went outside […]

Day 29 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge

For more info about the Challenge click HERE Today’s topic: Creative Fashion? I don’t claim to be up with the fashions but sometimes I like to experiment. I bought myself a new handbag today – I loved the colour – sort of ochre brown. It has four different compartments. I decided to have one for essentials (car keys, sunnies etc.) The second one is for a spare carry bag, comb, pens etc. – not things […]

Day 28 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge / small

For info about the Challenge click HERE Today’s Topic – A Small World Sometime ago I created another blog called It’s a Small World because I like miniatures and am fascinated with nature up close. I will post a gallery below with some of my favourite small images. For those of you who read my blog regularly, I mentioned yesterday that I was about to change my theme. I eventually decided on a theme called […]

Day 27 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge

For info about the Challenge click HERE Topic – WordPress Themes I do quite like the theme I have for my blog – Hemingway Rewritten. I haven’t always used this theme and used to change themes periodically for a fresh look. Recently I have noticed that my blog doesn’t show up well on iPads and iPhones and started thinking about upgrading. Tonight I have been exploring all the different themes that are available if I […]

Day 26 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge

For information about the Challenge click HERE Topic – Creativity capturing memories In one of my posts last week I received a comment from David at David Oakes Images (I recommend a visit to his site). David said that “Creativity starts with creating memories….. then maybe capturing them 🙂.” That made me think about the fact that every day we create memories (without even thinking about it) so why not create happy memories as we […]

Day 25 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge

For more info about my Challenge click HERE Today’s writing prompt: What would you take with you if you had to evacuate your home in an emergency? If you have seen the news this past week you probably heard about the horrendous bush fires burning throughout Australia as we face record heat waves and drought conditions. Many homes have been lost and sadly, some lives as well. I have seen many people on television saying […]

Day 24 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge

For info about my Challenge click HERE I was just putting some finishing touches to our U3A Course Booklet for Semester 1 and I discovered that Microsoft Office 365 has a function where I can attach an icon. There were pages in the Course Booklet where there was white space I wanted to fill in so I was able to use the icons. I had never noticed them before. So I can show you, I […]