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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

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My son Thru-Hiked on the Appalachian Trail  from Atlanta to Maine between March and September this year. Below is a link to his last blog which he called “At the end and reflection” ( I even get a mention :-)) Please click on the following LINK: At the end of the Appalachian Trail Hike  Joel reflects about his experience on the Trail. He had a great time. The photo below was taken at some point […]

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Originally posted on <a href="">neanderjoel</a>: <br />The last day I woke up about 7am with a trace of a hangover and only 5 miles to climb up a little hill called Katahdin. Stinger had left an hour ago, Whitewater left at about 7 and the rest of us, motown, janza, red man, philly ben and myself left at about 8am. The climb wasn’t too bad really, it was fun. I got to the top at 11am. I…

I need your help please

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I have decided to do some more study this Semester and as part of it I have to write a publishing proposal. Firstly I need to do some market research and I thought you may like to help me. The publishing proposal will include: a table of contents synopsis a sample chapter bibliographical details potential market –  this where I would value your opinion please word length details of relevant contacts, associations and newsletters that […]

A long way from home

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Originally posted on <a href="">neanderjoel</a>: <br />11/7/12 1850.0 Lakes of the clouds hut Today I walked most of the ridgeline for the presidential range, a bunch of mountains named after presidents. It was pretty amazing as the second half was all alpine zone so you could see everything. From Mt Webster. Mt Washington is the tallest peak on the horizon. From Mt Eisenhower Me eating Mt Washington from Mt Franklin. Lakes of the Clouds Hut, while climbing…

Ten functions I used on my PC today

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1. I checked on FaceBook lots of times to see if there is any news from my son who is on the Appalachian Trail 2. I checked my work emails – I really need to get a life – it is SUNDAY 3. I did some work on my latest assignment – realised I needed to DO the Module before I can DO the assignment!  ouch! 😦 4. I checked and read my emails and […]

Today’s blog isn’t really a blog – it is a test of my IT skills :-)

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Today I want to do a blog mainly so I can test that everything is working as it should be. I spent a couple of hours on the computer and I could get two out three things working but couldn’t manage to pull off all three. Hopefully I have achieved victory after changing my browser yet again – this time to Mozilla Firefox. I have mentioned my son before – he is doing the Appalachian […]

Appalachian Trail meets Aussie – a walk in the woods!

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As of today, my son has 6 month visa in America and he will take on the challenge of walking the Appalachian Trail. I am so pleased for him that it has worked out so well. No doubt he will have some challenges ahead but I am sure he is up for it. A few years ago he decided to walk the Bibbulmun Track (for more information on this walk trail see  It goes from Perth to […]