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It really is a small world

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When I was little, my Uncle Roy bought me a microscope for my birthday. I still remember my fascination at looking down the scope and being amazed to see a leaf transformed into something magical. I had thought about buying myself a microscope to rediscover the small details we can’t see with the naked eye. My son, Joel, heard about this and bought me a microscope for my recent birthday – and I have had […]

Weekly photo challenge: Achievement

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I made the above picture (with cloth, glue and cardboard + butterflies) as a way of expressing the importance  of that time in our lives beyond 45 years of age. The bottom purple rectangle represents our youth up to around 21 years old where we are in a phase of learning about ourselves and the world around us. The cream rectangle with three gold butterflies represents the years from around 21 to around 45 years. […]


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I am feeling a bit stressed about completing my writing studies in the next two weeks. I still have a few hurdles to jump over and know I have to work hard to achieve a good result. I confess to a great fear of failing. In reality, failing this unit would not make much difference to my life but I will be really disappointed in myself if I don’t succeed. There is also a sense […]