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Favourite Colours

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What are your favourite colours? Do you have them liberally spread throughout your home? The book, A Year of Creativity by Brenda Mallon asks: Are you sensitive to colours (colors) that go together or colours that clash? Brenda Mallon That got me thinking about my home and the colours I have chosen throughout. I took some pics to give a sample of what appeals to me. None of these choices came from logic – they […]

Weekly photo challenge: Saturated

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Make that MEDIA SATURATION! Western Australia has two teams in the Australian Football League (AFL) – West Coast Eagles (my team) and the Fremantle Dockers. The Dockers made it to today’s  Grand Final (you may have already worked that out!) but the Eagles didn’t have a very good year. Unfortunately the Dockers were beaten by Hawthorn (Hawks) but they put up a good fight. Maybe next year? All the articles are taken from today’s paper […]

Australian Culture – does it exist?

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I recently subscribed to a fellow blogger, Cosette, as she sometimes blogs about Australia. I am Australian and have lived here all my life, so why would I want to read about my own culture? It is because I am really interested in how others see us :-). My partner (and soon to be husband) is originally from London and so we have a cross-cultural ( 😉 relationship. Some words, although English, can have quite […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of Focus

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AFL / Australian Rules Football / Blog 2012 / You must be kidding?

Grand Final of Australian Rules Football in 2006 I tried to capture the moment on live TV but obviously not quickly enough. I think it still tells a story though – it is easy to spot a winner when you see one! The West Coast Eagles were bottom of the ladder in 2010; a real disappointment after their exciting Grand Final win in 2006. They improved greatly in 2011 and are on the top of […]