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The age-old questions

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“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore? Some people are really sensitive about their age and try to hide the truth from others – leave them guessing! For me, from an early age I looked older than my contemporaries. I think it is fair to say that trait has stayed with me so I just accept it. […]

Which story has most appeal?

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As part of my studies I need to further develop some stories. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks 🙂 SYNOPSIS – FANTASY The Magic Tunnel A little four-year-old girl finds a magical world just beyond Grandma’s back fence. Only Lindy knows the secret entrance. A blue wren whispered it in her ear and made her promise to keep it secret – even from Grandma. Lindy carefully lifts one of the pavers on the patio […]

My old HR Holden

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In 1988 I was slapped with an “un-roadworthy Certificate”, locally known as a Yellow Sticker, on my faithful old Holden HR station wagon. The police demanded I repair the vehicle  before I drove it on the road again, but I couldn’t afford it at the time,. I was about to leave Perth anyway, to go to live in Newman in the Pilbara Region, so I wouldn’t be needing my car. I was very sorry to […]

Up close and personal

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  Many local “baby boomers” are taking part in a new four-year study on healthy ageing. I recently received a letter in the post inviting me to take part and I happily agreed to participate. The State Government is contributing $1 million to the Busselton Population Medical Research Foundation Inc to conduct the study. The Foundation is working in conjunction with researchers from The University of Western Australia, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Edith Cowan University, […]


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I am currently reading The Big Shift: Navigating to the New Stage Beyond Midlife, by Mark Freedman. As a result of learning about Marc and the Encore movement I decided to start-up a blog/website called Encore Australia. I am hoping to tap into the numbers of baby boomers in Australia who are currently trying to navigate the second half of their lives in the 21st Century with out-dated guidance from the previous century. My own experience […]

Encore Careers Australia

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I recently wrote a post about making the transition from full-time work to a different lifestyle. You can see the original post here The Third Age I have since decided to start a new blog about, and dedicated to, those of us who are past 50 and wondering how best to use our time for the next few decades. My new blog is Encore Australia and you are very welcome to visit and leave any […]

The Third Age

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How does one gracefully move from one stage of life to the next? Transitions can be hard work! I never really bought into the capitalist idea of working extremely hard to gain a lot of money so that I could keep working hard to gain more money and possessions. I worked primarily to: provide a home for me and my three sons pay the mortgage, the utility bills and food and clothing meet some good […]

Retirement is not for sissies!

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… that goes for semi-retirement too! WARNING: I KNOW I THINK TOO MUCH – that is just how I am made! I left my full-time job in 2010 to move to the country. I have no regrets – best thing we ever did. Interestingly it has been a lot more challenging that I thought it would be. It is only recently that I came to see some of the underlying challenges. Here are some fears […]