My 500th blog post

number500Today I celebrate my 500th blog posting! WOW! I started blogging on 28 December in 2010! This is what I had to say in my very first post:

“I want to share my thoughts about life and its purpose. I want to pose questions that are eternal! Why are we here? Does it matter, what we do? Is my role in life predestined?

When I was growing up, I was taught by nuns in the Catholic Church. I hung onto those thoughts and beliefs for many years. They were good for me at times in my life. Overall, I think they had a very negative impact on my self-esteem. I started to study philosophy and see the world from a different perspective.”

***I had to really restrain myself from changing the above words as I would say it very differently today!

As I reflect on my blogging journey, I also reflect on my life journey. Blogging has given me a platform to express myself like I have never done before. I write and post photos because I have something to say and share. My blogging has evolved just as my life’s course has evolved – it is all ONE journey!

I greatly appreciate it when someone reads my blog or “likes” it or both. This is my opportunity to thank YOU!

I have not chased the statistics and I obviously will never be a star blogger but that is OK. Thanks for joining me on my journey and for teaching me about other interesting parts of the world, different cultures, age groups, interests, and perspectives.

This blog would not be complete without an enormous THANK YOU to WordPress for enabling all this to happen. You are awesome!


Weekly photo challenge: 2012 in photos

I had a good year in 2012!

Below are some of the special moments captured on film.

If you hold the cursor over the photo it will tell you more about the event.

Wishing everyone health, happiness and lots of fun blogging in 2013!


A new take on the meaning of life

I saw Steven Hawking on this TV  program recently (Steven Hawking Grand Design – The Meaning of Life). He said something that really made a lot of sense to me.

I greatly admire the genius of Steven Hawking and many other scientists, however I can never accept scientific theory as 100% truth. History has taught me otherwise. Our learning evolves just as we do. What we believe today may be laughed at in another 50-100 years time.

Hawking used the term best fit model to describe scientific theories. They are the best we have at the time, to describe the theoretical understanding of the universe. When considering the meaning of life, we can only see it through the constraints of our own personal experience and perceptions.  Therefore the meaning of life for me is what makes the most sense out of my own personal best fit model of reality. I like that 🙂

I found a review of the program by another blogger – if you are interested in getting another point of view on the program: What is reality?



PS Whatever life means to you – I hope that 2013 is a wonderful experience in your journey of life 😉

Weekly photo challenge: Surprise

Early morning at the University  – I am not sure who was most surprised! Was it Wendy, the photographer, or the startled kangaroos?

Kangaroos at ECU

I got a big surprise yesterday when this little fellow was looking through the window at me!


This cricket is not as monstrous as he looks in this photo. He just wants to share some of the excitement!

cricket 002

I wonder if there are any more visitors lined up for me. Last year we had a surprise visit from a tiger snake – now THAT was a BIG SURPRISE!


An unexpected guest for Christmas and the Poll Results


I found a visitor looking through the window at me this morning!

Christmas Poll Results

It seems that most people enjoy a lot of things about Christmas – even if it is just the food and presents

21 December 2012 002

Bright sunshine lit up the glitter on the Christmas tree this morning. Today is our longest day – Summer Solstice and it looks like being a beautiful day.

Too nice for the world to end 🙂


Weekly photo challenge: delicate

yellow orchid 002 Delicate IS a challenging word! Some dictionary definitions include: dainty, tender, fastidious, exquisite, pleasing to the taste or senses, not robust, fine, easily broken or damaged, subtle and pleasant, of slight and shapely proportions, slender, refined, dainty, modest…

I chose these beautiful Australian native orchids for my wedding bouquet in June this year 🙂



Turning points

English: A 1911 Industrial Worker (IWW newspap...

English: A 1911 Industrial Worker (IWW newspaper) publication advocating industrial unionism that shows the critique of capitalism. It is based on a flyer of the “Union of Russian Socialists” spread in 1900 and 1901. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another year is nearly over! What happened to those goals for 2012? Did I meet them? Mostly not. Does it matter? Not really.

Turning points are those moments when my thinking and/or behaviour changes significantly. New insight, new discoveries, outdated ideas, all contribute to turning points and fresh starts.

1. In my early 20’s I realised thinking of others instead of myself could actually bring more joy into my life.

2. At 30 I realised I had to grow up and take responsibility for my life and my three sons as no-one else was going to do it for me. I experimented with using different skills and tried to change the world – or at least my corner of it.

3. During my forties I grudgingly developed a work ethic and almost accepted that we live in a capitalist society. Massive learning curve in my forties,  due to a realisation that I didn’t have a lot of control over the wider world and I had to accept the things I cannot change.

4. Now in my fifties I think I am more accepting about life. I am starting to see the finishing line (from a distance). Both my parents are gone, and I have lost other friends and family members. I may live for another thirty years or so but then again, I might not. I am starting to sift out what is important and what isn’t.

People, books, philosophers, scripture, nature, and personal experience have provided great wisdom at different times. What they have taught me is specifically for me and my journey. Your journey may be quite different but maybe sometimes I can share something of my experience that can offer a little enlightenment to others.

It is tempting to say, “This worked for me” as I thrust another book at someone!

I mean well 🙂




A glimpse at a dream come true…

going with the flow

going with the flow

Today I cleaned up my computer! You would not find my desk if my office filing was anything like my computer filing. You would not get in the door! It is easy hide electronic mess. I had folders labeled random docs, random excel docs, random PowerPoint docs!

I had a My Documents folder that had a My Documents folder, that had My Other Documents folder….get the picture! Well, there are random pictures too! I decided not to go there today!

I got more ruthless the longer I was at it. I kept information for years, that I MAY NEED ONE DAY! Work stuff from several employers ago. There were job applications, work projects, samples of work I have done. I couldn’t even bring myself to read most of them.

A moment of enlightenment arose among this frenzied clean up! Much of the information was EVIDENCE. It was to prove that I could do something, or that I didn’t do something, or evidence of ability for job applications etc. And so much of it was not really ME. I believed I needed this stuff to be who I thought I ought to be.

I don’t need to do that anymore and I feel so grateful for that. I worked for Government for a long time and for a long time I found it really tough going. Not because the government was bad, mean or corrupt. I found it to be soul destroying. I wanted to make a difference through what I did at work – at times it was possible to do that. A lot of the time it was just really dysfunctional and incredibly frustrating. I stayed because it gave me security – it was a trade-off. Not uncommon – I guess most people do that at work and in life generally to some degree – we have to do that to survive in our society.

I am self-employed now – I earn a lot less money but I am a lot happier. I can be true to who I am. I can work hard and be satisfied with my personal effort, knowing that I did the best job that I am capable of.  Most of my work involves writing applications for funding for community groups. I get to WRITE and people pay me to do it! The time just flies by when I am on a project – I experience that sense of being “in the flow”. I look at the clock and wonder where the day has gone.

I find the writing I do in my blog actually does help me to write for other purposes. I am not daunted by a new topic (project) and I just start writing (and editing) and after a while it just seems to come together. My experience working with government gives me some insight into the sort of stories they want to hear. Hopefully there will be some positive outcomes for all.