Approaching a task with trepidation!

Getting started was the hardest bit. Always worried I might mess it up 🙂

With the many changes to how we listen to music today I have been finding that even though there are so many options, I am actually listening to less music. We decided that having easier access to the multitude of CD’s we own would increase the likelihood of listening to music more often.

After searching the internet we found a CD cabinet that seemed promising. It arrived in two flat-packs and I volunteered to put it together. I was feeling confident after doing two bedside tables earlier this year.

In the end I was surprised to see how much space we have left over. The CD’s are now sorted into their different genres. No excuses now for not listening to music!

Here are a few shots  of the progression of the project:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Express yourself

It is Australia Day (some say Straya) on 26 January so I am expressing aspects of being Australian, including my love of Outback Australia and some of our native species. Sorry I didn’t have any kangaroos handy.

I have also included photos depicting my Irish and Scottish ancestry.


Ever wondered what makes some art expensive?

I am sure I am not alone in thinking there are some paintings in galleries throughout the world that I could have done with my eyes shut! I am not anti-art or without an interest in these things, but I wonder what criteria makes some art works GREAT and some just, ordinary.

I have watched shows on art fraud where even the specialists in the field find it difficult to pick out the fake. If I had a fake painting hanging on my wall (and didn’t know it was fake) would I enjoy it any less than the real thing?

Then there are the plethora of prints of original works. I support the concept that artists should be paid for their creations, however, why would I buy the original for $5,000 when I could have a beautifully framed print of the same for $200.00 maximum.

Can you pick the originals in my slide show?

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What are your thoughts on the $ value of art?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

When I got up this morning I came across my little teddy bear that my Mum gave me many years ago. I spent a few moments just looking at it and remembering her.

I used to collect teddy bears of all shapes, sizes, textures and colours. My Mum wasn’t one for collecting pretty things. I remember she hated ribbons on dresses and used to cut them off! So I was very surprised one day when I was visiting her and she gave me this little knitted bear. She said, ‘I saw this, and thought of you.’

001 (Copy)

It isn’t the prettiest bear, but the fact that Mum thought of me and bought it for me, makes it a real treasure in my eyes.

PS I still have my bear collection and have been tempted to give them away on many occasions but I can’t bring myself to part with them 🙂

Weekly photo challenge: Grand

Grand 002 (Copy)If I had one thousand of these I would have a $Grand

Grand 005 (Copy)I would need a thousand of these ones too but the Mint doesn’t make them anymore!

Grand 004 (Copy)I would only need five hundred of these to have a $Grand but unfortunately they don’t make these ones anymore either!

Grand 003 (Copy)I would only need two hundred of these! That would be GRAND 🙂





Gnomesville Massacre

This week we had a short break at a Farm Stay in Ferguson Valley – about one hour’s drive from home. It is situated just down the road from Gnomesville. Last year Gnomesville received international attention with the following article on NBC News –  NBC News Gnomesville Massacre.

Vandals smashed their way through this special little community – heads were broken off and several gnomes were smashed. The State Emergency Service Volunteer President spoke to the media about this tragic event.

A few years before the massacre, a local Ferguson Valley woman saw the first gnome appear out of nowhere. At this time the locals were very concerned about changes to the road layout and many protested against the changes. That’s when the gnome population greatly increased and  joined their silent protest about the road changes. Today a roundabout manages the traffic at the intersection and it is said that the gnomes love to go round and round! Read the history of Gnomesville on their website.

I can share some photos I took this week. Word has spread that it is bad luck to injure a gnome and they are receiving more respect from visitors now 🙂

Ferguson Valley 023 (Copy)



Weekly photo challenge: Unique


Light from the old light house in Albany – 2012

Albany Light

Brass birds from Lilydale in Victoria  I bought them for my Mum in the 1970’s.

Unique Brass Birds

Fruit basket from Indigenous Community in Numbulwar in the Northern Territory – 1980

Unique basket

Cup and saucer – one of a set of four found in Margaret River, West Australia in 2010 – Made in Germany in the 1930’s

Anyone for tea Unique

Shakespeare’s Garden book by Walter Crane – found at Vasse Market in West Australia in 2012

Walter Crane Unique

Wooden cat found in Bali, Indonesia – on my first trip (and only) to Bali in 2004

at home 001

Drive In  Movie theatre near my home

Unique Drive In Theatre


Lorraine 🙂


What makes you happy?

Do you know what makes you happy?


Sometimes it is the simple things that can lift our spirits. I love being among nature, such as:

  • spending time with those I love
  • watching the ebb and flow of the tide at the beach
  • birds, wild-flowers, deserts, autumn leaves
  • watching a willow tree overhanging the river’s edge
  • feeling the breeze in my face
  • seeing the city lights at night-time
  • enjoying fruit that is in season: cherries, apricots, grapes, mangos, peaches and nectarines – even an orange can be special

English: Autumn Red peach. Français : Pêches E...

I also get pleasure from the following experiences:

  • flying in a small plane  – exciting
  • going for a brisk walk or a leisurely one
  • sitting on a swing
  • driving in the country
  • helping others meet their goals
This photo was taken at Halls Creek in the Kimberley Region. We flew from Newman in WA for a conference in Katherine in the Northern Territory. The only way to move over such distances :-)

This photo was taken at Halls Creek in the Kimberley Region. We flew from Newman in WA for a conference in Katherine in the Northern Territory. The only way to move over such distances 🙂

I love it when I experience the following:

  • enjoying dinner cooked by someone else
  • listening to the honesty of young children
  • listening to good music and/or singing with friends
  • listening to the rain on the roof tops
  • being with family and friends
  • reading a good book
  • getting a good night’s sleep

I also like to collect some things, particularly miniatures, such as bone china tea sets.  I also collect stamps, post-cards and coins.

So what sort of things or interests, help lift your happiness rating? Sometimes it can be something really simple that can make us smile and give us that warm fuzzy feeling!

Saving for a rainy day…

I went on a “retreat” a few years ago. It was about accepting “mid-life” – whatever that means! We covered a lot of ground talking about letting go of the past and looking positively to the future. I was on a pretty tight budget at the time. We talked about how we compensate for not being able to afford to do the things we would really like to do. For example we may be sad that we can’t afford an overseas holiday so we go and buy some new shoes to make ourselves feel better. The leader of the group suggested stopping that sort of habit and really saving to meet our goals.

I was given a bright yellow money-box with a smiley face on it. Over the years I put my loose change in it until recently when I couldn’t put another coin into it no matter how hard I tried. I decided to empty it out and see how much I had accumulated. I took my bundles of coins to the bank and changed it over to notes. I was tempted to spend it on a range of things – even buying something for someone else. In the spirit of the retreat, I decided I would buy myself something that was really precious to me.

Today I went to the shops to do some research. Once again, I didn’t want to waste it on an “everyday”  ordinary sort of purchase. I looked in a jewellery store and saw some fine china that I really liked. This is one luxury item that I allow in my life. I went into the shop and the lady got them out of the window. There were seven items in all and they were 50% off their normal price. The total price was just $2.00 more than what I had saved so I decided to buy them. I felt very happy with my purchase.

Isn’t it true that we sometimes try to compensate with “retail therapy” to make up for something that is missing in our lives. I think there is a good principle there and I took a couple of photos of my new china to show you.

Weekly photo challenge – Arrange

For this week’s photo challenge I am featuring my miniature china tea sets. I did a series of posts recently on my various collections and so the “arrange” theme provides an opportunity to show how my collection is arranged in my china cabinet.

The other photo is of some champagne flutes and other glasses.


Cheers for now