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Day 6 of 7 days and 7 photos

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Today’s photo, below, is of a canvas art painting I have in my office/creative space. I find it so relaxing to sit in my comfy chair and lose myself within the painting. It seems to relax and energise at the same time. Every time I look at it I see some different detail or how different light shows up the different colours. The image at the top was done using a colouring-in iPad app. I […]

Approaching a task with trepidation!

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Getting started was the hardest bit. Always worried I might mess it up šŸ™‚ With the many changes to how we listen to music today I have been finding that even though there are so many options, I am actually listening to less music. We decided that having easier access to the multitude of CD’s we own would increase the likelihood of listening to music more often. After searching the internet we found a CD […]

Ever wondered what makes some art expensive?

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I am sure I am not alone in thinking there are some paintings in galleries throughout the world that I could have done with my eyes shut! I am not anti-art or without an interest in these things, but I wonder what criteria makes some art works GREAT and some just, ordinary. I have watched shows on art fraud where even the specialists in the field find it difficult to pick out the fake. If […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

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When I got up this morning I came across my little teddy bear that my Mum gave me many years ago. I spent a few moments just looking at it and remembering her. I used to collect teddy bears of all shapes, sizes, textures and colours. My Mum wasn’t one for collecting pretty things. I remember she hated ribbons on dresses and used to cut them off! So I was very surprised one day when […]

Weekly photo challenge: Grand

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If I had one thousand of these I would have a $Grand I would need a thousand of these ones too but the Mint doesn’t make them anymore! I would only need five hundred of these to have a $Grand but unfortunately they don’t make these ones anymore either! I would only need two hundred of these! That would be GRAND šŸ™‚ Cheers Lorraine   Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand ( Weekly Photo Challenge: […]

Gnomesville Massacre

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This week we had a short break at a Farm Stay in Ferguson Valley – about one hour’s drive from home. It is situated just down the road from Gnomesville. Last year Gnomesville received international attention with the following article on NBC News –Ā  NBC News Gnomesville Massacre. Vandals smashed their way through this special little community – heads were broken off and several gnomes were smashed. The State Emergency Service Volunteer President spoke to […]

Weekly photo challenge: Unique

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MY SELECTION FOR THIS WEEK Light from the old light house in Albany – 2012 Brass birds from Lilydale in VictoriaĀ  I bought them for my Mum in the 1970’s. Fruit basket from Indigenous Community in Numbulwar in the Northern Territory – 1980 Cup and saucer – one of a set of four found in Margaret River, West Australia in 2010 – Made in Germany in the 1930’s Shakespeare’s Garden book by Walter Crane – […]

What makes you happy?

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Do you know what makes you happy? Sometimes it is the simple things that can lift our spirits. I love being amongĀ nature, such as: spending time with those I love watching the ebb and flow of the tide at the beach birds, wild-flowers, deserts, autumn leaves watching a willow tree overhanging the riverā€™s edge feeling theĀ breezeĀ in my face seeing the city lights at night-time enjoying fruit that is in season: cherries, apricots, grapes, mangos, peaches […]

Saving for a rainy day…

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I went on a “retreat” a few years ago. It was about accepting “mid-life” – whatever that means! We covered a lot of ground talking about letting go of the past and looking positively to the future. I was on a pretty tight budget at the time. We talked about how we compensate for not being able to afford to do the things we would really like to do. For example we may be sad […]