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The sleeping ones

An unsettling dream …

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I don’t usually write about my dreams as they can be pretty weird, as they are with most people I imagine. Last night I had a dream that hasn’t occurred for several years. I dreamed I had (secretly) buried a dead body (some time ago) and it was about to be discovered. I was extremely anxious and dreading being found out. I wondered what this dream theme symbolises so I did a google search. It […]

Weekly photo challenge: Achievement

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I made the above picture (with cloth, glue and cardboard + butterflies) as a way of expressing the importance  of that time in our lives beyond 45 years of age. The bottom purple rectangle represents our youth up to around 21 years old where we are in a phase of learning about ourselves and the world around us. The cream rectangle with three gold butterflies represents the years from around 21 to around 45 years. […]

Fifty something …

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I want to point out to the world that people over 50 have a lot to offer. I want to point this out to all age groups but especially to people who are past 50 or thereabouts. I get tired of hearing people talk about retirement. Retirement belongs to the previous generations – our parents and their parents (if they lived long enough). I am not suggesting that we keep working at a job we […]

Being prepared

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My son sent me a link to a website a while ago and I have since subscribed to it due to its simple wisdom. There is a link below to the Zen Habits site and topic of Being Prepared for Anything. The site offers a seven point Survival Kit using the following headings: 1. Mindfulness 2. Watch your internal response 3. See what you’re holding on to 4. Let it go 5. Respond appropriately 6. […]


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I am feeling a bit stressed about completing my writing studies in the next two weeks. I still have a few hurdles to jump over and know I have to work hard to achieve a good result. I confess to a great fear of failing. In reality, failing this unit would not make much difference to my life but I will be really disappointed in myself if I don’t succeed. There is also a sense […]

To Sleep or Not to Sleep …

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Today, or I should say, tonight, I am having a sleep study. I am not a good sleeper and have been known to SNORE (so I am told :-)) THRASH about and GASP in my sleep. I am required to go to Sleep and Snore Solutions and get wired up (see below) and then go home and sleep!  I return to get unwired tomorrow. Should be interesting 🙂 O sleep, O gentle sleep, nature’s soft […]

Encore Careers Australia

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I recently wrote a post about making the transition from full-time work to a different lifestyle. You can see the original post here The Third Age I have since decided to start a new blog about, and dedicated to, those of us who are past 50 and wondering how best to use our time for the next few decades. My new blog is Encore Australia and you are very welcome to visit and leave any […]