Spring time

Celebrating Spring! Here are few shots of my jasmine plant and some photos of flowers given to me recently by some friends visiting from Perth. I nearly always take photos of flowers so that I can enjoy them for much longer! The water feature looks a bit grotty but last time I cleaned it I found two big frogs and lots of tadpoles. I decided they have permission to stay!

Weekly photo challenge: Inside

My water feature was looking murky and so I emptied the water out so as to clean it properly.

See what I found inside!frogs 001 (Copy)

This frog was not impressed and was making his/her escape.

frogs 003 (Copy)

Getting down and dirty here. Oh no! Those little specs of dirt are not dirt after all. They were mostly tadpoles.

frogs 004

Is there such a word as frogicide? I not only disturbed the home of mum and dad, but removed all their babies as well!

I won’t be able to sleep tonight.