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Tools to boost self esteem

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Recently I wrote about dealing with negative feelings. It helps to have some tools or ideas to counteract them when they hit with full force. I developed this acronym a while ago and try to memorise it when I need some positive input. It is an acronym for the word CONFIDENCE and reminds me of what I am capable of or what I need to do to feel more confident. C is for capable – […]

Health …

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I am thinking about ‘health’ for the past week. Not that I am sick or have any big revelations about it, but I am considering how we deal with whatever our health status is. Some people make a big deal out of minor ailments and yet some others are silent and brave about serious concerns. I believe that as we get older, the health system responds to us differently. This is when the doctor responds […]

Hobbies and Interests

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In 2010 I ceased working full-time and moved to the South West to enjoy the wonderful experience of not having to set the alarm and get up and go to work. Funnily enough, I still wake up early most days even though I don’t set the alarm. I have been grappling with what best to do with my time now. I have tried a range of things, including self-employment, volunteer work, gardening, blogging and recently […]

What do you like to talk about?

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The idea for this post came from some questions raised by Eric Tonningsen‘s blog Awakening to Awareness. So, what do you like to talk about? I don’t mean the casual exchanges and polite conversations with people who pass through our lives. I have a real desire for deep and meaningful conversations – usually in a one on one situation. I like to think about possibilities for our shared future. I search for answers to the […]


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Life seems so much easier when we feel confident about what we are doing. Confidence doesn’t guarantee competence but it is a good start. Here are some thoughts about confidence … C is for capable. I have the basic knowledge to do the task at hand. O is for often. When I do something often I generally become more confident in my ability. N is now. I will focus on the task at hand, now, […]

Who wants to be a housewife?

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There isn’t much talk today about being a housewife. In fact, it is often seen to be an offensive label. How can anyone be a wife of a house, after all? There are attempts to change the image to names such as domestic goddess or similar. Is it what we do when we are not in the paid workforce? But really … most of us live in houses and most of us like them to […]

Torn …

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Today I was thinking about the times when we are torn between two people, two job options, a parent and child, to diet or not, two roads … The more I thought about it I realised that just about every moment we are having to choose which way to go. It is in navigating these choices that makes our journey what it is. It can be a pretty uncomfortable place to be if our loyalties […]

Daily Post: I believe

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For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false. TRUE 1. There is more good in the world than there is bad 2. Love conquers so much more than hate 3. All people of all cultures share the same basic needs FALSE 1. Going to war resolves problems 2. If we have everything we want, we […]

Some quotes about not giving up …

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Below you can read some famous quotes but I thought I would first share my own thoughts on the topic. My formula consists of putting one foot in front of the other and doing what needs to be done. Sometimes that means focusing on the next five to ten minutes, or other times it may mean taking life one day at a time. Another successful strategy I have used is to be recharged by the […]