Fifty something …

MondayI want to point out to the world that people over 50 have a lot to offer. I want to point this out to all age groups but especially to people who are past 50 or thereabouts.

I get tired of hearing people talk about retirement. Retirement belongs to the previous generations – our parents and their parents (if they lived long enough). I am not suggesting that we keep working at a job we hate or find too difficult. I am saying that we need to pause and reflect on this phase of our lives. You may need to keep working at your job due to financial pressures but is there the capacity to reduce your hours?

Consider the following:

• Is there so much more you would like to be doing with your time?

• Do you have interests that you would like to pursue now but don’t have the time?

• This period of our lives (say 45 – 80ish) is likely to be very different than it was for our parents who were born before World War II

• If you are anticipating using your time to catching up on years of reading, and are happy to do that, then that is fine. Read no further!

• Maybe you want to spend more time with your grandchildren or are artistic and enjoy you leisure time in these pursuits and find them to be gratifying.

• Do you get up each morning and wonder what is the point of getting up as you did yesterday what you will do again today and the day after?

• Do you get irritable because the world seems to be run by young people – eg doctors, the media, some politicians that don’t look old enough to vote?

• Does your brain still function the way it used to, or is it even better now that you have abandoned a lot of the crap that came from working full-time and the office politics?

• Are you unsure of how to dress – you don’t want to be masquerading as a young person? How do you see yourself?

• Are you able to graciously profess your views without getting defensive when younger people see your views as obsolete?

• Consider how you plan to spend the next 20-30 years? Do you want to sit around getting old and immobile? If you are still actively involved in sport, then good for you!

• Is there a way we can collectively find a valuable place in society that breaks the common stereotypes of the over fifties?

• Does social media provide us with an avenue to express ourselves and perhaps help others at the same time?

• How would you feel about using some of your skills or developing new skills to assist the community to improve health, education and environmental outcomes?

• How would you feel about gaining your community’s respect and gratitude for the use of these skills?

• Would you be prepared to work for a nominal amount that Not For Profits could afford?

• Can you see the difference between this idea and the tremendous work that thousands of volunteers already do each day in Australia (and other parts of the world)?

• Can you make sense of all of the above and are excited about contributing ideas on how we can change this concept into reality?

If you would like to get more involved with me on this project you can email me on

Thanks for reading 🙂

Any cheese – I mean mobiles?

I want to upgrade my mobile phone. Now that doesn’t sound complicated, does it? I have a pre-paid phone but I am looking at changing over to a contract. I went to the Telstra Store and was approached soon after arriving. He only wanted my name though and told me I was second in the queue. I decided to browse my options and selected three phones that I wanted more information about. I browsed for about ten minutes.

At last I was introduced to a salesperson. I said I was interested in the Nexus – she checked and said they didn’t have any as they were not very popular. OK, I moved on to the Samsung Galaxy 4 Mini – again she said they didn’t have any as they were now outdated with the Galaxy 5 being available. Righto – next I asked about the Nokia – and, you guessed it, they didn’t have any of these either. She went to check on the computer to see if any other Telstra Stores had them. I said, ‘Thanks, but don’t worry as I will go home and order one online!’

I also asked about my pre-paid credit disappearing and if she could check it out for me please. She advised me to ring the Pre-paid Mobile number but assured me I wasn’t alone as a lot of people had complained about losing their credit for unknown reasons!

DP Challenge: Procrastination


Recently while talking to some people I had just met, I realised how often my lifestyle decisions are based on doing things online. I met my husband online and I am a member of Weight Watchers online. I order my groceries online and buy my books the same way. I have personal Facebook page and business Facebook page plus I have this blog and another business blog. I do online research and read the news and weather online. I am also studying online.

How does this relate to today’s topic?

Well I need to get out into the community and do some face to face promotion and networking to help bring in some work. I seem to find a hundred reasons why I can’t do that. I am so much more comfortable in an online environment but I realise that good old networking seems to be the way to generate more work. Remember the saying, ‘it is not what you know but who you know’.

OK – here and now I will make a commitment for the coming week to visit two businesses with my flyer and business card and see if that breaks the ice for me :-).



8 posts until I reach 500!

Now that I am getting close to 500 posts I am keen to get there! And I feel I need to have something special for my 500th post. However today I want to talk about how we spend our time – or more accurately – how I spend my time.

My old workplace

My old workplace in Perth (Dumas House), Western Australia

No paid projects these last few weeks and lots of time on my hands. It is so ingrained in me from my childhood that I must get all my work done before I allow myself to indulge in some relaxation. I am not terribly good at relaxing. There are some things that I can do to fill in my time, and these are:

  • fiddling with my allaboutwordswa blog site
  • building my new blog/website for my business – I have spent many hours doing that Naturaliste Business Writing Solutions WA
  • designing my nice new business cards
  • reading – I recently found an author I like and am working my way through her suspense novels (Mary Higgins Clark). I received $100 voucher for and am spending it fairly quickly
  • reading the local papers – it’s always good to know what the local issues are. One of the places where I was working has lost their funding from the City Council
  • tidying up my electronic filing system
  • when I get really stuck there is always housework to be done 😦
  • I do have some uncompleted studies that I can go back to as well – I might have to consider that. I need to keep learning or my brain may seize up on me due to lack of use.

So there you go, that’s what I have been up to lately :-). I need to be more proactive about finding some work soon. I am going to a workshop in a few weeks on developing a Facebook page – hopefully that will help generate some business.



PS No kidding, I just had a phone call about some possible work – the Universe is listening!

Online shopping is great but…

various potato dishes: potato chips, hashbrown...

various potato dishes: potato chips, hashbrowns, tater tots, baked potato, and mashed potatoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I order my groceries online and they are delivered to my door. The truck arrived around midday today and the driver carried two boxes to my kitchen. The first one was full of potatoes! M mm… what is going on here? The next box also had potatoes. I laughed as I realised what happened. I thought I ordered 10 baby potatoes. I didn’t look closely enough and mistakenly I ordered 10 x 2kg bags of baby potatoes. I found it funny that the driver didn’t even look curious about why two people would buy 20kgs of potatoes.

Some items are listed by the weight and some are listed as individual items, for example I get 6 apples or 6 oranges. I had a mix up with the potatoes once before. That time I received a small tin of baby potatoes. Last week I got a turnip that was supposed to be a parsnip and one tomato instead of a bag of tomatoes! It still beats bumping into people in the aisles in the busy shopping centre. I am sure I spend less money too as I am not tempted by all the displays and advertising.

I am curious if others have online shopping funny or horror stories? What is going to happen to all the retail outlets when we aren’t getting out there among it all?

Cheers for now. I had better start cooking some potatoes for dinner 🙂


Problem in chair – not in computer (picnic)?

Bad hair day!

These last few weeks I’ve found the WordPress blogs a bit challenging. Today I set some time aside to explore whether it was me (picnic 🙂 ) or whether I wasn’t getting updates or if there is some other problem. It feels like the rate of change this year has been exponential. Until recently I felt like I was on top of it all.

So I went to the WordPress Forums to see what I could find out. I wanted to know if I really have to log on everytime I want to ‘like’ or leave a comment. I don’t mind doing that if I have plenty of time but when time is short I decide not to and that’s a shame. I followed a link that recommended I update my  browser – why, I don’t know! I am not a technical person.

OK –  I downloaded Internet Explorer 9. Easy! Then I get a message that my printer is not compatible with IE9 and was directed to the Canon Website to update the driver for my printer. I couldn’t find the driver for my model. At this point I decided to bail out before I dug myself a hole too big to get out of. I decided to do my first ever system restore (it worked!) and returned to where I started out.

I think WordPress is one of the best things I found on the internet but I really do miss the daily post suggestions and easy access to a lot of blogs. It all had something of a rhythm about it – it was predictable and easily followed.

My other grumble is about the screen going haywire when I am about to upload my post. I had trouble with the layout of the “related posts” and haven’t been able to include them lately. I am also having problems with suggested photos to include – there aren’t any 😦

So, the big question – is it me who is the problem or is it WordPress spinning out of control (well, maybe that is a bit dramatic 🙂 ) Has anyone else encountered problems lately?



About writing…

I started work on my new writing course today!

I’d like to share an interesting point that I hadn’t thought of before. It stated that readers respond  to a communication moment by momentIt says it is important to us as writers because the reader’s reaction to any one sentence will influence their reaction in everything they read from that point forward. It is true that our emotions are affected as we read. We don’t wait to the end of a story or blog and then consider how we feel about what we have read.  It happens simultaneously.

P writing blue

Image via Wikipedia

I would like to share the occasional insight with you as I go on this learning journey. It is good to find that the course has some focus about writing for web-based purposes. I really enjoy dabbling with the technology and I am quite excited about the seemingly endless possibilities for online communication.

Hildegard reading and writing

Image via Wikipedia

cheers for now


The text-book is Technical Communication – a reader centred approach, 7th Edition, Anderson.

The joys and responsibilities of being a blogger :-)

I confess to being negligent – a few weeks back Claire nominated me for the Liebster Blog. I was delighted to receive the award but got lazy when it came to passing it on. “Liebster”, so I am told, is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome! Wow – I promise I didn’t make that up.

The rules are:

  1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them  (as above – Claire and Subhakar Das
  2. Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogosphere – other bloggers.
  5. And, best of all – have fun and spread the karma. Definitely the best part!

 Then, much to my delight, I have just been nominated for the Versatile Bloggers award by Subhakar Das on his blog, Fic Faq.

Thank you so much to both of you for nominating me for each award.

The Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:
Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
Share 7 random things about yourself.
Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Add the Versatile Blog Award logo on your blog post.


Seven random things about myself

  1. I grew up in a small town in country Victoria called Cohuna
  2. I had my first child when I was 21
  3. My three sons had moved out of home by the time I was 50
  4. I am Australian with ancestors from Ireland, Scotland, England and Norway – no convicts to my knowledge 🙂
  5. I love learning about all sorts of new things – but at my own pace 
  6. I like to be unique and have a point of difference – I am not a crowd follower
  7. My partner was born in England

Now, there are responsibilities in accepting an award from a fellow blogger. There are rules to follow (not my strong point 🙂 ) however I will give it my best effort. Can I be forgiven for responding to both awards at once? I will see if I can get away with it.

I have pleasure in nominating the following bloggers  for a Liebster Award and a Versatile Blogger Award. You may chose to select one or both 🙂

Subhakar Das (nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award)

Claire (nominated me for the Liebster Award)




Well folks, this was a big blog! There are so many bloggers that I haven’t included – I hate to leave anyone out. I love the occasional comments I get from people who are photographers or artists – I may only hear from them once but gain much from their observations. I feel like I have known a lot of you bloggers for a long time as we have shared the Post A Day 2011. I hope you keep blogging in 2012 as I know that I will be and look forward to reading yours.

Kind regards


What new skills would I like to learn in 2012?

Emmitsburg, MD, March 10, 2003 -- EENET - one ...

Image via Wikipedia

I reflected on this topic and my head was spinning! Probably because the ideas that I came up with were nothing new. I have spent a few decades trying to improve myself. This involves being brave enough to keep learning practical and technical things. I have a thirst for new knowledge and leap at the opportunity to gain it.

Other ideas included:

  • self-acceptance – isn’t it ironic that including this in my list means I am not self-accepting 🙂
  • learning to deal with difficult people – this doesn’t mean I have to turn myself inside out to accomodate them. It means I find a way of relating that doesn’t minimise who I am. I have the tendency to see it as my responsibility to change to enable smooth relationships with others. I want to stop doing that and find a better way or relating.
  • I would like to become better at being in the present – mindfulness, better focus and less concern about the past of the future.
  • My listening skills could improve as well – the previous point would help to bring this about

On the more practical side of things, I would like to learn how to:

  • improving my writing skills – I am enrolled to do a course next year
  • expand the range and quality of cooking that I do
  • improve my capacity in the computer tasks I do at work

So, that is my list. What would you include on yours? I would be interested to know 🙂







I would like to anonymously send someone a gift

Facebook logo

Image via Wikipedia

 I have a girlfriend that doesn’t have email. This means that the only time we catch up is by phone once every few months. We don’t live in the same town. My friend is on a disabiliity pension and is reluctant to spend her pension on paying for an internet server, a computer and new software.

I would like to buy her an up to date computer, with all the latest software and pay all her bills for its associated use for the next ten years (at least). Then we could email each other; she could learn about Facebook; she could even start her own blog. She is a very intelligent person and I am sure she wouldn’t take very long to catch on to all the new technology.

I can’t imagine my life without the internet today. At the same time, she has a lot of friends and they are not virtual friends either. I went to her birthday party a couple of years ago. The restaurant was packed and I hardly had a chance to speak to her because she was in such demand.

I wonder is there is any connection between her lack of technology and the incredible number of friends that she has in her life.

I love being able to keep up to date with my extended family via Facebook. I have nieces, nephews, sons and daughters-in-law that use the internet regularly. I get to see all the baby photos and hear a little about what is happening in their lives. I get concerned though, that my presence on Facebook may embarrass them. I do try to be discreet if I make any comments (which is not very often). Would they tell me if they weren’t happy with me popping in there?

Until next time