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I watched an amazing film today at the CinefestOz Festival in Busselton. Please check out the link to learn more about the Festival that finished today.

The movie, The Song Keepers, was recently shown at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

From the website:


I found it very moving and had lots of laughs as well. I have lived and worked in Aboriginal communities in remote parts of Australia and these women in the movie reminded me of those I knew. Just as the Hermannsburg Mission is part of their story I realised that my  time spent in these communities are part of MY story and I feel much enriched by the experience.

The Trailer for the movie is below.





Poem: An Australian Sunrise


Brooking Springs Station

By Robert Louis Stevenson

The morning star paled slowly,

The cross hung low to the sea,

And down the shadowy reaches

The tide came swirling free.

The luscious purple vapour

Rose from the river’s breast,

The kingfisher came darting

Out of his crannied nest.

The bulrushes and reed beds

Put off their sallow grey,

And burnt with cloudy crimson

At the “Dawning of the Day.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

When I hear the expression, forces of nature, I am reminded how powerful tropical storms are and the damage they cause to the landscape – especially man-made infrastructure.

I took these photos in the mid-1980’s in Fitzroy Crossing, during the wet season, after floods had isolated the town from surrounding communities.

Learning by doing

Today I searched for quotes to motivate me to continue my work on a current writing assignment. I need to have a 2,500 word draft piece of fiction ready for editing by Monday at the latest. I have written about 3,000 words so far but it lacks energy. I need to do a lot more work on it. I am basing my short story on some of my experiences living in outback Australia.

about study


Weekly photo challenge: Horizon

I have selected a diverse range of ‘horizons’ that I have witnessed over many years. Enjoy 🙂



Reading and writing

This weekend I am attending a two-day course in Bunbury to become a tutor in the Read, Write Now program in my community. I am really looking forward to it. It is four days training in total, presented over two weekends. I have been a literacy tutor in the past and enjoyed the experience greatly.

People who cannot read or write (in their first or second language) are at a real disadvantage. I became aware of this in the 1980’s when I was living in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It was election time and information was only available in a written format in English. Many of the adult Indigenous people had limited English language skills and tended to make their decisions based on the friendliness and rapport of whatever politician was visiting at the time. It struck me as being very unfair.

This experience prompted me to work with the local people to help improve their reading and writing. It was the first time I became aware of how much I enjoy reading and writing and determined to use these skills in my life and in my career. That insight has impacted on many decisions over the years and I am excited to be going back to where I started with the Adult Literacy program.



Weekly photo challenge: Culture

IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1034My focus today is on Indigenous Australian culture. I lived in a remote Indigenous Community (Numbulwar, Northern Territory) and in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The woven basket is from Numbulwar. The featured book includes a story about The Brolga and the Emu told by Wingathana, who was my son’s school teacher in Grade 1 (1980) in Numbulwar.

The didgeridoo and boomerangs are from Fitzroy Crossing. The one with the almost 90 degree bend is, I believe, called a killing stick and is used for hunting kangaroos.

The dot painting originated in Laverton in the Northern Goldfields region of Western Australia.

The egg is actually and Emu egg and it has the face of an Indigenous man etched on its surface. I am unsure where the artist was from.

I hope you enjoyed my choice this week for Culture :-). They are quite unique artifacts purchased from the maker and won’t be found in commercial outlets. They may not be as pretty as what is available in the souvenir shops however they are the real thing!



Weekly photo challenge: Home

This week’s photo challenge has taken me on quite a journey! Just recently I asked my son what does he say when someone asks him “Where did you grow up?” In reality we moved about quite a bit. It has always been an adventure and I hope the positives have out weighed the negatives for my lads. Here is a sample of some of the places I have called HOME over the years!

The first house I remember in my home town is looking very sad these days, however I believe it is currently being renovated! I lived here until I was about 12 years old.

15 Channel St Cohuna

We all spent hours and hours playing on that front “lawn”.

Channel St (2)

Around the time I started High School we moved to a different house at the other end of town. I lived here until I left home at 17.

King George St

My son is enjoying himself at Nan’s house. That home was really the central focus for all the family when Mum and Dad were alive.

At Nan's

The Weir is a focal point in Cohuna – so many memories there. It was always fun to be on the bridge and watching the water rushing through.

Weir at Cohuna

This is an aerial view of Cohuna. You can see the football oval/show grounds in the centre.


The Murray River is the border between Victoria and New South Wales. I have a strong affinity with the River as it played a big part in my growing up.

Murray River

When I left Cohuna I went to live in Melbourne. Here is a shopping Mall in Melbourne. The old “shot tower” was kept as a feature in the new building.

Melbourne shopping mall

Flinders Street Railway Station in central Melbourne. I worked quite close to the Station however I used to catch a tram to and from work.

Flinders St Melbourne

A few years later we lived in Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges. Puffing Billy is a tourist train – very popular with the kids 🙂

Puffing Billy Belgrave

We lived in Numbulwar in the Northern Territory from 1980 – 81.IMG_0004

My view over the back fence at Fitzroy Crossing – “wild” horses in around 1983

Fitzroy Crossing (2)

Our house at Fitzroy Crossing

Fitzroy Crossing

Pilbara – Viewing Mt Whaleback Mine in 1988

Mt Whaleback Mine

Tourist Centre in Newman we helped to build (sort of…)

Newman Tourist Centre

We lived in this house in Geraldton house in 1993


After my marriage broke up in 1993 I moved to this house in a Perth suburb with my three lads.


Bedford Kitchen – my most attractive house! We enjoyed a good six years there. It had an amazing kitchen!

Bedford 3

We had lots of barbeques with friends and family on the patio outside the Bedford house.


Busselton is where I live now. Here is a view over the back fence 🙂


It’s not over until it’s over

Daily Post Topic: You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

This is my last ever blog!

I will not have the opportunity to write again since being diagnosed with a serious illness call Bloggerhoea. There is only one known cure and that is total abstinence.  It has been found that once people are diagnosed and acknowledge their problem, there can be no such thing as social blogging – total abstinence  is critical for survival as the risk of relapse is extremely high.

So this is my last chance to share my innermost thoughts to the blogosphere.

I started my blogging journey in December 2011. Since then I have written hundreds of posts read by around 5,000 people. I checked the statistics to see what posts were most popular. The results are surprising – my post popular post was a poem that I DIDN’T write. (It is called “Clown” by Phoebe Hesketh in Poets and Poetry by Sadler/Hayllar/Powell)

Among the top ten there were three PHOTO blogs – so not much of my writing to be found there either!  There was a lot of interest in two posts I did about job interviews and one about Baby Boomers – I actually wrote these ones 🙂 so that is encouraging! The remaining three included one about All Souls Day (2 November), one about blogging and one about the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. When I started my blog my goal was:

My blog, allaboutwordswa (aawwa) grew out of my desire to use my writing to share some of the lessons I learn in life through the people I meet, the places I’ve been, my life experiences and my reflections. I write about the search for the meaning of life, my experiences with ego and mindfulness, my love of wisdom and philosophy. I love to reflect on eternal questions, including relationships, social issues, politics of the day, religion and spirituality. 

Mmmmmmm…did my blog deliver on what I promised? Not if I just look at my TOP TEN! But I kept on blogging regardless – now I can’t stop blogging….know what I mean? I hope they never find a cure for Bloggerhoea! And don’t believe a word about this blog – I WILL BE BACK 😉


Dream catcher

I dream a lot! I don’t always remember them though. When I am finding life a bit difficult I often dream that I am caught in a flood and that it is about to overwhelm me.

When stressed, I often clam up and bury the emotions inside. In order to be “less stressed” I am learning to name my emotions with a technique from “The Confidence Gap” by Dr Russ Harris.”  Amazingly, last night I dreamed that I was about to be faced with yet another flood.

This time I responded differently. I was able to channel the water into a part of my yard that was badly in need of water. I was very calm and collected and in control! It felt great.

My interpretation of this dream is that I CAN experience turbulent and overwhelming situations – I just need to acknowledge them and find a use (?) for them or channel those energies to where they are most needed in my life.