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What do love and economics have in common?

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Just recently while looking through some old documents I found my high school reports. I was surprised to see that I got top of my class in economics. I did enjoy the subject but didn’t pursue it any further beyond school. Then today I was thinking about my Mum who passed away ten years ago. Over the years I tried to demonstrate my love and appreciation of her. Did I succeed in showing my love […]

The mind journey to work …

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I am startled awake by the alarm I get up and methodically eat and get ready for work I don’t want to go – not really – don’t feel up to it. I must go – just deal with getting to work Then deal with getting started Drive to my next location – notice the colours of the cars Be in the moment Be friendly and do what I have to do Remember that life […]

Writing Styles

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I recently re-read Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H.Lawrence. I was surprised that I still found it to be a bit raunchy even in the 21st Century. I moved on to another of Lawrence’s books – this time it was Women In Love. For your information, David Herbert Richards Lawrence was born on 11 September 1885 in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England. I was fascinated with the beauty of his writing as it is so different to most […]

A story about an old man (fiction)

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I visit my elderly aunt every week. She is in the dementia ward of the local Care Village. She turned ninety recently. I notice each week that there is a fellow sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. He has a beautiful smile and says hello to me as I pass by. As time goes by, we start to exchange a few words about the weather or comment on the flowers in the well-cared for grounds. Sometimes […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

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When I got up this morning I came across my little teddy bear that my Mum gave me many years ago. I spent a few moments just looking at it and remembering her. I used to collect teddy bears of all shapes, sizes, textures and colours. My Mum wasn’t one for collecting pretty things. I remember she hated ribbons on dresses and used to cut them off! So I was very surprised one day when […]

My fridge magnets

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Actually they are on my filing cabinet really 🙂 1. One day as a TIGER is worth thousands as a SHEEP 2. Chill out! 3. God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change Courage to CHANGE the things I can And WISDOM to know the difference 4. DANCE as though no-one is watching you LOVE as though you have never been hurt SING as though no-one can hear you LIVE as […]

Christmas Pudding

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My mother-in-law taught me how to make Christmas Pudding in the way she prepared and cooked it every year for her husband and two sons. The responsibility was passed to me when she passed away in 2010. Each year I say I am not going to make it but I usually give in to howls of protests. The tradition of putting the coins in the puddings comes from my childhood. I have 15 x three-penny […]