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You really should write a book …

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When I tell people about some of the places I have lived and things I have done and seen, many suggest that I should write a book. But would it really be of interest to anyone? I have made a start and written around 10,000 words¬†– a very brief summary of my life up until now. I am unsure where to go from here. I decided to do some brain-storming to flesh it out a […]

Getting Started on my Memoir

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I asked for ideas on memoir writing a little while ago and received some excellent tips. Even so, getting started was still a ¬†problem. I decided to do a mind map/brain storm and see where that took me. I looked at it from the following angles: why do I want to do it? how am I going to do it? what do I need to do it? when is this going to happen? I then […]