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My Wedding Day

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At 11.30am on Sunday 17 June I married my partner, Tom. A Marriage Celebrant officiated a lovely ceremony where we made our promises to each other in front of our small group of friends, family and neighbours. After the ceremony there was a champagne toast to the bride and groom and some catching up with people we hadn’t seen for a while. The songs during the service were Perhaps Love; Have I Told You Lately […]

I am getting married :-)

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Time I wrote another blog! I  keep delaying writing  – I think my Uni study used up all my words for a time! I completed my two  units and I await the results! There is more to life than assignments – like getting married, for example :-). Yes, only eight more sleeps and I will marry my wonderful partner – we have been together for over eight years and recently decided to marry. It was […]

Weekly photo challenge – Indulge

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I invite you to indulge me in providing a themed post on Swansea in Wales. Thanks to Wikipedia for the public domain photos and to our talented friend, Don Wright, for creating the original piece of music, writing the lyrics and being the musician as well. I hope you enjoy this presentation. Just click on the song title, Swansea Bay, to hear the song. Relax and enjoy the journey. Swansea Swansea Bay When I was a boy I used to roam Through […]

Original music and lyrics by Don Wright

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Today I would like to share some beautiful music with you. A friend of ours wrote the music and the lyrics to this song, one among others I will share at later date. I hope you enjoy it. Just click on the title, relax and enjoy some good and original music and vocals.                                                                                            Here and Now  Spent a lifetime looking for an explanation Still don’t know just what the questions are Such a neat little twist […]

My Favourite Songs

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Today WordPress asked us to write about our favourite ten songs. That should be easy enough? No….it definitely wasn’t easy. I stopped counting as I didn’t want to leave any out. The songs included come from our karaoke song list and includes many that I enjoy singing and listening to. 1. Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd 2. Perhaps Love by John Denver 3. Blanket on the Ground by Billie Jo Spears 4. […]

The ONLY way to travel…

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For me, travelling by car is my most enjoyable form of travel, providing it is a good car and I have a good driver (and some good music)!  For a long journey such as 500 miles (about 800 kilometers) I would prefer to do it over a couple of days. I have driven 700 kilometers in one day on my own but with very little traffic on the road. I love to be able to stop […]

How do I choose a friend?

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Today’s topic is “How do you decide who to be friends with?” I had never looked at friendship as a decision based on certain criteria – something like a job application! I will reflect on some current friends and see what I come up with (not necessarily in any order of priority) Friend A – We found each other on the internet. In this case I did have a profile and so did he. We were deemed […]


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What ever happened to the hippie movement in the seventies? What happened to all those people who were going to cause a revolution while wearing flowers in their hair. My memories of that era seem like another universe away. I was reminded of this time when I heard the song San Francisco – “Are you going to San Francisco, with flowers in your hair…” I can’t remember the words to the song but I remember the feelings of wanting to […]

Top ten things I haven’t done…

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In the last twelve months there were lots of things that didn’t happen. Here are some of the things I would have loved to do. 1. Have my three sons, their partners and my grandchildren all together for a meal in the same place at the same time! That would be lovely! 2. Go for a walk in the Dandenong Ranges on a balmy spring day and admire the tree ferns, maiden hair ferns and all the […]

Baby, it’s a wild world…

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Casually strolling to the shops this morning I heard the strains of a familiar Cat Steven’s tune from the early 1970’s. The tune was Wild World by Cat Stevens from his Tea for the Tillerman Album. Suddenly I am back there in Melbourne, walking toward the city centre from Spencer Street where I was living at the time. I was walking with my new, hippie boyfriend (who I later married), eleven years older than me. I was […]