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Wasted days and wasted nights

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Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights? To find a way through the overwhelming confusion, I will usually do a mind map – basically writing down every possible thing that is on my mind. Often I will cover a page and it doesn’t have to be neat. Then I may […]

Old advice is not always good advice …

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Many years ago I had an episode of depression and sought help from a therapist. There is one main piece of advice I have always remembered and it helped me tremendously over the years. The advice was keep involved and don’t stop doing things. At the time is was the exact opposite of what I felt like doing. I wanted to withdraw into a quiet space and tell the world to go away. I followed the […]

Do you have an inner wimp?

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I do and I am not happy about it! I sometimes get angry with myself when I allow my inner wimp to have its way. I feel ashamed of myself when I take the easy way out and avoid a situation. I shared this with a friend and she suggested that we all experience this from time to time. I am reminded that when I try to resist something it only becomes a stronger force […]


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Blog 2013 / Meaning of life and that stuff / Psychology / Wisdom

SUMMARY OF WELL-BEING THEORY: “Here then is well-being theory: well-being is a construct; and well-being, not happiness, is the topic of positive psychology. Well-being has five measurable elements (PERMA) that count toward it: Positive emotion (of which happiness and life satisfaction are all aspects) Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement. No one element defines well-being, but each contributes to it.”  Source: Seligman, Martin (2011-05-02). Flourish (p. 24). Random House Australia. Kindle Edition. asn. The information above […]