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I am not making it up …

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I recently had my sixtieth birthday and that means I have done a range of things in those six decades. Sometimes I surprise people when I mention some of those things. I guess we all travel our own journeys and we can never be sure where they will take us. A list of some of my adventures follows: I left home in country Victoria at 17 years old to live in Melbourne and I was […]

Weekly photo challenge: Abandoned

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I wrote a poem this morning as part of the writing course I am doing. It just so happens that my school experience links with this week’s photo challenge. As it is a PHOTO challenge, I have chosen an old school photo to match the theme. I really DID feel abandoned on that day. It didn’t take long to get used to school, but I still didn’t enjoy it. I have only learned the joy […]

Daily Prompt – The Normal

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Post 497 To me, being normal is about avoiding extremes. At one time I wasn’t happy unless I achieved something 100%. I believe it is all very subjective, especially when it comes to writing. When I worked for the Government it wasn’t unusual for correspondence to go back and forth to the Executive and/or the Minister’s office. At some point one has to draw a line in the sand and say enough! In primary school […]

Poll about blog topics

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Would you give up expressing your views (on a blog) if you knew some topics or opinions may alienate some of your readers? Should we stay away from politics, religion and health matters? What is more important – authenticity or popularity (statistics)? When I write I tend to go with the flow and let my words express my thoughts – obviously there are some boundaries that I adhere to. I was surprised this week as […]


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Yesterday I was trying to find the words to an old hymn about Zion City. I have a hymn book so I determined to go through it page by page until I found it. I was confident I would recognise the words once I found the page. I pride myself on my patience at doing tedious jobs and felt very virtuous patiently flipping through the pages. I stopped to reflect on the words of some […]

Poetry among the stained glass windows – a virtual opportunity to participate

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I haven’t written any poetry for years! I love to read other people’s  original works and may be tempted to write some of my own. Today’s blog presents a unique opportunity to take part in a writing exercise. There is special provision made for VIRTUAL participation. This is thanks to my neighbour, friend and fellow WordPress blogger, Ted. Your poem may be selected for inclusion in an anthology, the copyright of the poem remains with […]

To the CEO of the WORLD

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  Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.     Dear Chief Executive Officer, The WORLD   I am writing to you today to express my concern about the way people on Earth treat each other. When I see the news each night I find it incredibly hard to imagine what it must be like for people in some parts of the […]

God and faith

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I once had a strong faith in a loving God and it was integral to my life. I attended a Catholic School for seven years and this provided a foundation of belief. I was President of the Young Christian Students for our region at one point. It wasn’t for very long though because I had a big “fall from grace” (another story sometime) experience where priest asked me and a small group of others to end […]