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What my grandparents told me …

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I was thinking about my grandparents this morning and some of the things they told me when I was little – and I believed them! Consider the following: Don’t pull faces because, if the wind changes, it will stay like that forever. Grandpa always insisted on walking closest to the curb. He said that a gentleman should be willing to take the splashes from the puddles in the road. Grandma said she couldn’t go to […]

Health …

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I am thinking about ‘health’ for the past week. Not that I am sick or have any big revelations about it, but I am considering how we deal with whatever our health status is. Some people make a big deal out of minor ailments and yet some others are silent and brave about serious concerns. I believe that as we get older, the health system responds to us differently. This is when the doctor responds […]

Things were not as they should be

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My elderly aunt was being cared for in the dementia ward of the local retirement village. It was about four years ago that I visited her from Western Australia. She had very few personal items with her and she asked me to go to her home and bring some toiletries etc back for her. The staff also gave me a short list of items she needed. I opened the door to her home – it […]

Pros and Cons of Lifestyle Villages

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We decided to move into our current home in a Lifestyle Village (a retirement village for people 55 and over) about three and a half years ago. We didn’t look at other Villages and didn’t do much research on the options available. If you are considering moving into a Lifestyle Village there are a lot of things to think about. Acquiring a Lifetime Lease for our property cost about the same as purchasing a similar […]

50 Something

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Post 499 I subscribe to a magazine called “50 Something”. It is part of National Seniors Australia who advocate for the rights of seniors (over 50’s in this case) in Australia. In the April/May edition of the magazine they did a feature on the trend for seniors to move to a country location on retirement – what we call the “tree change” or “sea change” lifestyle. The article encouraged readers to seriously do their research […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: In my neighbourhood

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  I have defined neighbourhood as “within walking distance”. And a confession – I haven’t used my phone for taking photos as suggested for this post! I have the manual out of the box and I will LEARN! These photos are taken with my “normal” camera and are from my archives. The first photo featured is a Fish Supply Store. In an earlier life it was a petrol station. Last night we had some Red […]

Calling on “baby boomers”

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Are you retiring soon or thinking of retiring? Or are you just reflecting on what lies ahead of you? I am really interested to hear from you about what your major concerns are as you look towards retirement and the inevitability of getting older. I am considering developing some workshops for people in this age group ie 50+. If you have gone through, or are going through the phase of elderly or unwell parents, it can […]