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Day 28 Creativity Challenge

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For info about the Challenge click HERE Today’s Topic – A Small World Sometime ago I created another blog called It’s a Small World because I like miniatures and am fascinated with nature up close. I will post a gallery below with some of my favourite small images. For those of you who read my blog regularly, I mentioned yesterday that I was about to change my theme. I eventually decided on a theme called […]

Having fun with microscopes :)

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My son Joel bought me a microscope a few years ago. I indicated I would like one as I had one as a child and found it fascinating. It gave me an interest in science and what things are made of. Called SuperEyes, it can be purchased on Amazon or Ebay and ranges between around $10A to around $200A. It plugs into my computer via a USB. It is easy to use although the (free) software […]

A bit nutty

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You may not recognise the images below at first glance. I took the photos with my Supereyes microscope – it is great fun but I hadn’t used it for a while. I have another site at if you would like to see some more images. The photos are of a brazil nut, walnut and almond (in their shells).

It really is a small world

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When I was little, my Uncle Roy bought me a microscope for my birthday. I still remember my fascination at looking down the scope and being amazed to see a leaf transformed into something magical. I had thought about buying myself a microscope to rediscover the small details we can’t see with the naked eye. My son, Joel, heard about this and bought me a microscope for my recent birthday – and I have had […]