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New photo app I found

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I needed to do a collage of photos and so went looking online. I found an app that is fairly easy to use and I am having fun learning what I can do with it. Here are some wildflowers from our region: Here is an image of some of the popular tourist attractions where I live: The app is called Phototastic (I am not making any money out this post!). I signed up for a […]

Do 4 dolphins = 1 whale?

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Yesterday we went on a whale watching tour and enjoyed over three hours sailing in Geographe Bay, Indian Ocean. The brochure highlighted that around 35,000 whales migrate through the Bay each year on their journey to Antarctica.This includes Humpback, Southern Right, The Blue and Killer whales. But … There were none to be seen yesterday! We were heading back to the Port when a pod of dolphins followed the charter boat for a short time. […]

In search of the elusive Western Hooded Plover

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South Western Australia / Western Hooded Plover

Still no sign of this elusive creature however it is fun looking. It wasn’t without excitement though! I spotted these fishermen on the shore when I arrived and saw them bring in a big fish just as I was leaving. They didn’t know I was behind them and they were really excited – jumping up and down and using the F word prolifically. I think they were a bit embarrassed when I asked if I […]

The Enormous Purple Thing

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Today I went to the my first creative writing meeting. There were about a dozen of us there – all ladies of a certain age! The group is coordinated by the University of the Third Age (U3A). After a brief introduction and a few handouts, the timer was set to 45 minutes and we started to write. There were three topics to choose from as follows: 1. Write about yourself 2. Start with … I […]

Up close and personal

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  Many local “baby boomers” are taking part in a new four-year study on healthy ageing. I recently received a letter in the post inviting me to take part and I happily agreed to participate. The State Government is contributing $1 million to the Busselton Population Medical Research Foundation Inc to conduct the study. The Foundation is working in conjunction with researchers from The University of Western Australia, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Edith Cowan University, […]

My fridge magnets

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Actually they are on my filing cabinet really 🙂 1. One day as a TIGER is worth thousands as a SHEEP 2. Chill out! 3. God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change Courage to CHANGE the things I can And WISDOM to know the difference 4. DANCE as though no-one is watching you LOVE as though you have never been hurt SING as though no-one can hear you LIVE as […]