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1000 posts: So much to say, so little time!

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This is my 1000th post! It has taken me a seven years to get here. It has become part of my day-to-day life. I don’t write all that often now but love to read other bloggers’ adventures and do the Photo Challenge most weeks. On 8 May I will be leading (as a volunteer) a University of the Third Age class of eight people (seniors) in Blogging for Beginners. I hope to be able to […]

Two great things about writing fiction

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In my current studies I am learning about writing fiction and really enjoying it. I am currently working on a 2,500 word assignment. I have the ideas in my head and some words on paper. On reflecting about this new interest, I found two really positive benefits: 1. I can use my own life experience and feelings and infuse them into the characters in my story. I can control the outcomes of these characters and […]

Up close and personal

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  Many local “baby boomers” are taking part in a new four-year study on healthy ageing. I recently received a letter in the post inviting me to take part and I happily agreed to participate. The State Government is contributing $1 million to the Busselton Population Medical Research Foundation Inc to conduct the study. The Foundation is working in conjunction with researchers from The University of Western Australia, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Edith Cowan University, […]

My love/hate relationship with studying

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In the second half of last year I did a unit of study titled Production, Editing and Design. At the conclusion of the unit (I passed comfortably) I stated to many friends and family that I am NOT going to do any more studying. I admit that the editing part really did my head in. Also my tutor was not very helpful. The feedback she provided was inadequate – she would just say ‘that is […]

The Third Age

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How does one gracefully move from one stage of life to the next? Transitions can be hard work! I never really bought into the capitalist idea of working extremely hard to gain a lot of money so that I could keep working hard to gain more money and possessions. I worked primarily to: provide a home for me and my three sons pay the mortgage, the utility bills and food and clothing meet some good […]

It is so easy to avoid doing stuff :-)

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My plan for today was to have breakfast, shower, make the beds and do my final assignment. My ACTUAL day went more like this: breakfast do some washing (oops, I think it is still in the machine!) make the bed have a shower scan some documents for Tom put some straw in my new, above ground, garden bed transplant pot-plants to the front garden clean all pots make coffee for two a little bit more […]

I hate and love learning

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I am under pressure at the moment to complete five tasks for the second assignment in my unit of study – Production, Editing and Design. I have gone past the point of ‘this is really interesting’ to now feeling ‘am I going to live through this process?’ I received my results this morning from the first assignment and I passed moderately well – a big relief. I didn’t say I did well – but I […]