Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

I have chosen my tiniest teddy bear for this week’s photo challenge. There used to be a place called “It’s a Small World” in Perth, Western Australia where there was large range of, well, small things! That is where I got my teddy from :).


Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

Quest to find a missing bear! He was last seen on my desk around six months ago. I have searched everywhere and can’t find him. He was a gift from my mother so I would love to find him again.

001 (Copy)

Here are some of his former companions … I am not sure if they were implicated in his disappearance!


What do you collect?

This post is inspired by Ruth’s blog¬†and her collection of bunnies.

Some friends and family have given me teddy bears over the years, knowing my fondness for them. After seeing Ruth’s bunnies I thought it was time for a photo shoot wtih my bears :). What is it about these bears that pulls at our heart strings?