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DP Challenge: Procrastination

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Recently while talking to some people I had just met, I realised how often my lifestyle decisions are based on doing things online. I met my husband online and I am a member of Weight Watchers online. I order my groceries online and buy my books the same way. I have personal Facebook page and business Facebook page plus I have this blog and another business blog. I do online research and read the news […]

Family stories

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LEADING AIRCRAFTMAN (LAC) JOHN EDWARD (TED) O’HALLORAN(RAAF) EARLY YEARS John Edward (Ted) O’Halloran was born in Kerang in December 1914, the second son of Joseph and May O’Halloran and one of eight children. They lived in Nugget Street in Kerang and later the family moved to Forest Street in Koondrook.  Ted went to school in Koondrook. His father (my grandfather) commenced work with the Kerang Shire in 1914 as Locomotive Driver and Maintenance Engineer. He […]

Country girl goes to the city

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It was around 1972 that I left my small country town and headed for Melbourne, Victoria. Not long after that I met the man was to marry in October 1973. I worked as a sales assistant at a big department store close to Flinders Street Station. It was a rather “posh” shop where wealthy women liked to relax and spend lots of money :-). My manager, Ms X, was very flamboyant. She told me she […]


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An Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Survey of Literacy found that 46.8% of adult Australians had a literacy level that was “insufficient to meet the complex demands of every day life and work in the emerging knowledge-based economy”. This quote is from a PowerPoint hand-out from my recent training to be a tutor of adults with literacy issues. And we are talking about people with English as their FIRST language. It is a pretty shocking […]

The passion to write

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I love to write! So where did my journey begin and have I ever arrived at the destination of “being a writer”? I am the youngest of five children hence, when I started school, I knew my alphabet and was confident in spelling some words. Through-out my primary and secondary schooling I always enjoyed studying English most of all. Writing seemed easy – writing essays seemed easy and I got good results.  As I student […]

Mature age job seeking

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I worked in the employment arena for a several years with agencies that assisted unemployed people into employment. I once believed that doing the following could be  helpful in finding a job: Do work experience – offer to do a couple of weeks free trial so that the employer can see your skills and abilities. Take almost any job that you offered  as it is easier to get a job if you are already employed. […]

Bullying in the workplace

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WordPress prompt for today – Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today. Hierarchies rule in Government organisations. I put a lot of work into a document to go up the General Manager for approval. I provided a draft to my line manager and she changed it significantly and sent it up-line to the General Manager. I didn’t see […]