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Day 22 Creativity Challenge

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For more info on my Challenge click HERE Today’s topic is A Poem FAIRY MUSIC by Rose Fyleman When the fiddlers play their tunes you may sometimes hear, Very softly chiming in, magically clear, Magically high and sweet, the tiny crystal notes Of fairy voices bubbling free from tiny fairy throats. When birds at break of day chant their morning prayers, Or on sunny afternoons pipe ecstatic airs, Comes an added rush of sound to […]

South West Australian Wildflowers

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I did a blog recently about the Busselton Wildflower Exhibition and my involvement in promoting the event that was held last Thursday and Friday. Below is a gallery of most of the flowers on show at the Exhibition. There are strict rules about what flowers can be picked in the wild and the quantities allowed so as not to impact on their sustainability for future years. I found it impossible to choose just a few! […]

Reflections on my philosophy classes

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Over the past few weeks we have been discussing David Hume (1711-1776), Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) and Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1831). I have to say I have found them at the same time, very hard work and yet brilliant. If I had just read about them in the book we are using I would never have grasped some of their concepts but having a group discussion about them was really stimulating. David Hume spoke about causation […]

Machiavelli Continued …

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We had two lively discussions last Thursday on Machiavelli. He is mostly remembered for the words “the ends justify the means” but I don’t believe he actually ever used those words specifically. In his book, The Prince, he develops something of an instruction manual for a Prince who is about to lead his kingdom. There are around ten people in each group competing to share their ideas. I try hard to let everyone have a chance […]

What makes you happy?

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Today we met and considered happiness (the Greek word is eudaimonia) as described by Greek philosopher, Aristotle. We each talked a little about what makes us happy. There was a lot of common ground with friends, family and nature featuring highly. I will include some of the ideas we looked at today: Happiness comes from discovering who you are, developing your distinctive talents to work for the overall benefit of others as well as yourself. […]

Philosophy 2019

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Next week I will be starting the Let’s Talk Philosophy course for our local University of the Third Age. This year we will be using the book “50 Philosophy Classics” by Tom Butler Brown. We hope to cover just ten philosophers between now and June. It will really be an introduction to each of the chosen philosophers and we will enjoy some stimulating conversation and hopefully a few laughs! I usually include a quote by […]

Mooji – The Parable of the Two Birds

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Originally posted on <a href="">Find Your Middle Ground</a>: <br />This inspiration is from Mooji and is taken from ‘Vaster Than Sky Greater Than Space’. “Some time ago I saw a picture depicting a parable from the Bhagavad Gita. It showed two birds in a tree, and one of them was building a nest. This one is flying off collecting things, arranging the twigs – its active, doing many things. Above this bird, on another branch, is a…

An Orange

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I sometimes find that depression sneaks up on me. I have lots of strategies for working around it (diet, exercise, pills, positive psychology etc) but sometimes it wins. Today was one of those days. I caught myself being grumpy when reaching for my ‘after-dinner’ orange that I have everyday that we have oranges in the house. I looked at the orange and thought how nice it looked. I remembered living in a remote community in […]

A Recipe reflecting Life

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I was cooking dinner this evening – Tuna Mornay – an old favourite. Now, over time I have been careful about particular food items and sensitivities. The mornay starts with cooking the onion in butter. Next is to add flour to make a roux (butter and flour mixed together to make a paste). I used gluten-free flour. All good so far. Next item to add was the milk – soy milk of course. Then I […]