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Ocean liners and polished boars!

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Well, what do ocean liners and boars have in common? And what is a polished boar anyway? Each Thursday I do some real estate writing and editing for our local paper. I edit short descriptions of various properties for sale. Because we are near the beach it is quite common for agents to state that there is room to park a boat or caravan.¬†However, today an enterprising sales representative expected me to believe that there […]

Consumers matter

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It has been an interesting year in dealing with purchases and repairs. 1. Washer/dryer was four years old and stopped working properly. Fortunately I had an extended warranty and was given a full refund and then purchased a new washer and dryer. 2. Vacuum cleaner stopped working – out of warranty. I rang the interstate company for advice and they were able to tell me how to reset its computer settings (on a vacuum cleaner?) […]

Ways of learning …

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My preferred learning style is to get my hands dirty and experiment. Ask me to do most things and I will dive straight in and have a try. Learning how to use my WordPress blog is a typical example. Recently I am helping a friend with her website and thought it would be useful to have some sort of manual to put some structure into the process. There are HEAPS of manuals, videos, websites etc […]

The age-old questions

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“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore? Some people are really sensitive about their age and try to hide the truth from others – leave them guessing! For me, from an early age I looked older than my contemporaries. I think it is fair to say that trait has stayed with me so I just accept it. […]

That will teach him :-)

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Recently my sister-in-law said she had a tetanus injection and that we should too. She works in public health and knows about these things. I couldn’t see the need for being immunised, but my husband thought it was a good idea. As I spend more and more time in my garden, he is concerned I may injure myself and has reminded me that I should have an injection. I saw my GP today and while […]

The Third Age

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How does one gracefully move from one stage of life to the next? Transitions can be hard work! I never really bought into the capitalist idea of working extremely hard to gain a lot of money so that I could keep working hard to gain more money and possessions. I worked primarily to: provide a home for me and my three sons pay the mortgage, the utility bills and food and clothing meet some good […]

Squirmy moments

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I woke very early this morning after an awful dream – one I have dreamed many times before – my teeth are falling out! On waking my first action involved doing a tooth stock-take! Thankfully they are all still there :-). I couldn’t get back to sleep so I pondered the feelings behind the dream. They ranged from embarrassment, shame, panic and a wish to hide myself away. You know – those moments when you […]

Daily Post Challenge: Never Again

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Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing¬†that again!” Tell us about it… TEN THINGS THAT I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN Help carry a fridge up three flights of stairs Carry two big bags of concrete to a skip bin while cleaning up to sell my home (ouch!) I can’t see me ever working for government again unless it is as a consultant […]