Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Here is my selection for this Week’s Photo Challenge

The first three rows are from some Australian currency, then there is some fabric and a painting by an Indigenous artist from Laverton in Western Australia.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile

Well I have had something to smile about this week. It is the first time in six years I have been able to have my three sons together in the one place at the one time! And yes, I was definitely smiling!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

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This story is about some of the different cities, towns and regions in Australia I have lived.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

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I have included some snaps from the wider Busselton and Cape Naturaliste region. To learn more about my town you can visit HERE.

It is a great place to be and I feel very fortunate to live in an area of such natural beauty.

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Deconstructed Pavlova Icecream

I had too much pavlova left over after Australia Day and I didn’t want to throw it out. I came up with an idea that could work.

Step 1 – left over pavlova and 1/2 tub of icecream

Step 2 – deconstruct

IMG_0673 (Copy)

Step 3 – mix it up

IMG_0675 (Copy)

Step 4 – add some chocolate Flake pieces

IMG_0677 (Copy)

Step 5 – best of all: eat up!

IMG_0679 (Copy)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

This Week’s Challenge is described HERE

Once again I am drawn to nature with memories of the three places below where I experienced a peaceful silence and a sense of space!